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Kundalini Awakening Protocols by chrism

The safeties protocols can be found at this URL:

Installment #1
These protocols are based on a platform of love and service that support an emergent Kundalini candidate in all aspects of the process while living in the Western Society - basically the how tos of survival.

Below are the locks that are included in the safeties.

TONGUE UP: This completes the cranial circuit allowing excess energy to bleed down the sides of the neck. Cultivate the position of the tip of the tongue resting on the fleshy mound right behind your upper front teeth. Make this a new habit.

EYES UP: This is the position of looking towards the brow of points, one and a half inches above the bridge of the nose. Most comfortable when the eyes are closed. This will draw or pull the Kundalini upwards. Do this during meditation or when in rest do not use this lock while driving or performing any physical activity.

FINGERS IN POSITION: This is the thumb tip and fore finger tips joined (pressed together) with the other fingers spread out wide. This is a finger lock.

WATER: As the Kundalini rises it will stimulate and activate the kidneys and the adrenal glands. The adrenals and the kidneys can become hot. Really hot and feel as if they are expanding. The adrenals will release amounts of adrenachrome, or the bodies' version of speed. This can be very disconcerting, and can bring you to fear. So plenty of living water that is water that is from a spring or another source that isn't chlorinated or from the tap of a city, but if the city water is what you've got, drink it. Also plenty of watermelon if you can get it as this can be very soothing for the kidneys.

GROUNDING: More energy, even Kundalini energy, isn't always the best answer. Many systems really focus on achieving the Kundalini activation and awakening without any regard to the enormous amounts of energetic potential released into the body.

Often the focus is strictly on practices that generate copious amounts of Chi energy in order to hopefully produce or kick start a Kundalini event. Chi Gung is this way when utilized for Kundalini expression. Inside of the Kundalini when we get over our heads into the energetic there are very few reliable remedies that will help us to alleviate the symptoms of energetic overload. Grounding is one such system that can greatly relieve an overload of energy within the Kundalini context.

When we eat we begin to ground ourselves by switching the focus of the body to an autonomic function; chewing, tasting, swallowing, digestion etc. This takes the ego mind and the intentional or unintentional focus off of the energetic waves of phenomena. What we are eating also has grounding applications. Meat is a very grounding nutrient. Sometimes the Kundalini will force you to eat meat for this purpose especially if you are overly addicted to energetic generative techniques. Fruits and veggies are less grounding though within that context the root veggies will be more grounding than the fruits and nuts. Juices of fruits are less grounding than juices of veggies and so forth
Having sex can do this but only outside of the Tantric model. The sex drive is another example of an autonomic system. Relieving one's self or aerobic physical exercise and hard work all serve to place the body into recognition of different systems of governance. The autonomic systems bring their agenda into the mix.

Kundalini being an intelligent consciousness in its own right will recognize this and support this. No it will not leave or give into the person's ego controls and wishes but it will honour the sacred vessel as that vessel brings into expression the functions of physical body maintenance. Kundalini is there to change us not hurt us. It only gets hurtful when our ego's resist the agenda of transformation that the divine Kundalini brings.

Grounding can really help that agenda as well as we are part Earth (Sacred Mother) and part Cosmos (Sacred Father). This brings the dual and non-dual into a single unit of expression within us. When we ground we anchor our energies into that balance. Subsequently some grounding techniques involve the soil. Getting into the dirt by working in the garden is an excellent grounding option. Or getting into the mud of the river or lake or pond or beach. Get into it and feel it and honour it. It isn't unclean. It is as natural as your body and it is that which makes up your body so honour this mud and soil as it is truly sacred tissue.

Another method is to lean against a tree. Feel the roots that spread wide and go deep and feel yourself go into that connection with the earth. Sit against it and feel the depth and the patience and the different experience of time that a tree has to offer. This is another very good grounding technique.

Walk barefoot! Sounds simple but we as a society are overly fixated on not making contact with the bare earth. The human foot is designed more for earth contact than shoe contact. Observe the runners from Africa winning all those marathons running barefoot. So do this as best you can and as consistently as you can.

Another grounding option is to be naked in the natural environment. That's right go nude into the forest or the desert or the jungle or the wilderness but be very careful not to be observed! Our society typically does not understand and great harm can come to those who are not careful in this regard! So if you do this please be careful.

This grounding process allows us to shed those coverings that we tend to use as soc