Karma yoga - 2

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We should not dub all our shortcomings as results of past karma. Certain things happen on their own accord. We try, yet we fail. We must face the failures bravely with stubborn heart. We should remember that by leading a yogic life, we can dismiss the past Karmas. Let us not guided by the past. Let us not recollect the past lives. If we continue to live on the past memories, our life will become a hell. WE ARE INDEPENDENT. WE CAME INTO THIS WORLD, INTO THIS LIFE TO LIVE INDEPENDENTLT. WE SHOULS NOT ALLOW GOD, THE FATE AND EVEN THE STARS TO INTERFERE IN OUR AFFAIRS. THAT IS INDEPENDENCE. We have to depend completely on ourselves, on our efforts, on our intelligence, on our will power. We should not be too much ambitious and should not desire more.

YOGA LIMITS MAN’S DESIRES, MAN’S NECESSARIES. We should not be selfish. Yoga itself is a divine work. So, it cleanses us from top to bottom, from remote past up to the present. We become up to date. We may have any rights on the results of our works, but we are the authors. So we shoulder responsibility for the good and bad, for the success and failures. We should not throw our responsibility on any unseen god. The control may be His, but we are independent workers. The God never interferes in our works. Let us develop will power so that we should not escape our responsibilities.

IT IS NOT ENOUGH IF WE LIT A LAMP BEFORE A STONE DEITY OR A PRINTED PAPER GOD DAILY. IT IS NOT ENOUGH IF WE BREAK A COCONUT OR OFFER A FLOWER GARLAND OR MONEY. IT WILL BE WASTE TO TRY A BRIBE A GOD TO BLESS US WITH WHAT WE DEMAND. We should have faith. It is necessary. We should devote our hearts. Devotion for whom? For what purpose? There should not be a label of certain desire, certain wanting in devotion. We must totally dedicate ourselves to divinity but not to a particular god or goddess. THEN THERE REMAINS NO RESIDUE OF KARMA. When there remains no Karma, we do not have fear of sin or what so ever. The knowledge of the SEL will burn all past Karmas to Ashes. So, only Self-knowledge can cleanse a man.

In Krishna Consciousness love dominates Karma. God is Love and Love is God. With great love God created this world and filled love in the hearts of men and women. So, what is needed between men and women is love. What is needed between humans and the divine is also love. Who that loves and adore god would finally reach the abode of God. They must live on Earth in the shade of Love.

Karma Yoga compromises work with action. Right thought when unites with right action becomes Karma Yoga. A person filled with pure love will give no chance to Selfishness. He doesn’t even possess ego. TO GET RID OF EGO & SELFISHNESS IS THE KEY NOTE OF YOGA. The ecstasy in love is similar to that of Yogic trance.

THERE IS NO PLACE FOR IDOL WORSHIP IN KARMA YOGA OR ANY OTHER YOGA. YOGA MEANS THE DISCOVERY OF ATMA(SOUL). KNOWING OF THE SOUL. To bring out the Atmic power one need not flee to forest or fly to Himalayas. LORD KRISHNA DID NOT DO SUCH GIMMICKS. HE LOOKS LIKE A SAHAJA YOGI. Those that worship gods get benefits in a limited way. Those that Meditate on Brahmam derive multiple benefits.

Indirectly, Krishna Pushed Gnana Yoga to the first place. This placement was done without his knowledge. All other Yogas including Karma Yoga were placed in the second row, next to Gnana Yoga Sankhya entered. Sri Krishna accepted that Sankhya was the supreme of all Yogas.

We find some similarities between Patanjali and Sri Krishna. We cannot decide who was the first, who the next. BOTH OF THEM GAVE PREFERENCE TO SADHANA PRACTICE OF YOGA. Both had given stress on morality and decent living, right behavior and love towards fellow beings.

There is another word “SERVICE” which gains utmost importance. Service means not simply helping the down trodden or the suffering people. Service is Adoration. Great love and worship. Deep love and respect. Love for Truth. One should adore Guru as god incarnate feel the Guru as a representative of Paramatma. Those who take Raja Yoga as a fancy and practice independently cannot understand the thrill and grace in serving the Guru. Whether we accept it as a tradition or not, it is a must for each and every aspirant to have a Guru. SERVICE, AS LONG AS IT IS LIMITED TO SOCIETY ADDS UP EGO. IT MAY EVEN TURN TO SELFISHNESS. AS LONG AS WE ARE ATTACHED TO SOCIETY, SPIRITUALITY DECLINES.

According to Karma Yoga, Spiritual progress records in seven stages. In the first three steps Personality development can be seen; in the last three steps enlightenment predominates. THE FOURTH AND THE CENTRAL ONE IS THE FOURTH DIMENTION. IT IS THE CENTRE POINT FOR TAKE OFF. IT IS THE CENTRE FOR STRUGGLE. The same priniciple may be applied in regards to Kundalini Energy that arises from Mooladhara to Sahasrara. THE FIRST THREE CENTRES TOUCH THE PHYSICAL, THE LAST THREE SPIRITUAL. THE FOURTH ONE IS THE BRIDGE BETWEEN THE PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL. SO, STRUGGLE IS INEVITABLE.

Satwic, Rajas and Tamas are the physical characteristics of man. They are naturally considered human qualities. Satwic qualities depend on nature. Rajas develop with vigour and power. Tamas happens due to over ambition. People who obey order and religion are Satwics. They live positively. They never stand against anybody or anything. Yogis generally leave Tamas and rajas qualities and become passive. Patanjali proposes five principles for right behavior in Yogic life.

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