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What is Karma Yoga?
It is a Million Dollar question.
Karma and Yoga both are contradictory terms.
Joining them together creates an Enigma.
In olden days there was no such Karma. There used be no branches. They called it Tapas. The young and the old, both used to do tapas. It had a different dimension. They used to meditate in the traditional way, in the name of their chosen God or Goddess to get their desires fulfilled.
There is second side to the coin. A section of people accustomed to do meditation for the sake of wisdom and self-development only. That sort of Meditation became the basis for Yoga Later on.

Karma Yoga came into light with Bhagavat Gita. VYASA, the author of Bhagavat Gita, projected Karma Yoga theory through the character of Krishna. The man should lead a clean life without ambition and desires. He should cultivate pure love towards fellow beings. He should work dispassionately with no personal attachment, dedicating the results to God. These are three principles Bhagavan Sri Krishna formulated. The Lord lived accordingly. A man who lives adhering to the above principles can be called a Karma Yogi.

Karma Yoga is the nucleus of Bhagavat Gita. But the Gita gives preferences to righteousness and decent living. Yoga will be an under current. THE WORD KARMA BECOMES A MINUS POINT IN YOGA FIELD. THE YOGI GIVES NO IMPORTANCE TO KARMA, AND TO SPEAK THE TRUTH, KARMA PLAYS NO EMINENT ROLE IN YOGA. YOGA DISSOLVES KARMA. There are number of self-contradictions in the Gita and there are very many selfish theories that will enhance the values of a section of the society which are in no way connected to Yoga. Sri Krishna is a Character in Maha Bharatha Episode. The characteristic elements of Sri Krishna when epitomized become the Gita. To a section of the devotees Krishna is lovebird, to other section a karma Yogi. Those who love and adore Krishna do not take karma Yoga seriously at all. Krishna Consciousness is born out of love. Our Sanyasis and many saints accept the Gita as an authority, because most of them live under the blanket of Gita.

The Gita touches all kinds of Yoga theories. The reader may select according to his choice. I doubt whether Sri Krishna lived up to the principles of karma Yoga.
Is it Possible?
I suspect how many people who recite Gita could live up to the principles of sri Krishna. No doubt Sri Krishna is a Great personality. He is an embodiment of love, devotion and compassion. All great human qualities are found in him. But what about Karma Yoga?
Sri Krishna may be an incarnation of God or Paramatma.
One question –
Does Paramatma need a human form to teach?
Any God who is born as Man or Goddess as a woman should live like a man and woman. He loses all his divine qualities and imbibes human weaknesses. As a person, he should live, undergo all the troubles and tribulations of man. Every man does his duties. Otherwise he cannot survive. Will it come under karma Yoga? May not. Whether you follow Gita or not, you live according to your conscience. That is certain. Every person does his duties sincerely. He will try to be efficient in his chosen field. That also comes under Karma Yoga. THE PROBLEM ARISES IN HOW TO GAIN EFFICIENCY AND MASTERY OVER THE SUBJECT. There the Power of Yoga helps. We have to develop Will Power, Memory, Craftsmanship, efficiency, competitive spirit and so on and so forth. Yoga Sadhana helps us all around. When the Yoga power is added to our daily work, it will be resultant undoubtedly. We will enjoy the fruits of our effort. WE NEED NOT SHARE THEM WITH ANY GOD. WHY SHOULD ANY BODY, MAY HE BE A GOD OR A DEMON DEMAND A SHARE WHERE HE INVESTS NOTHING?

Sari Krishna lived in love unchecked. Sri Krishna, Radha, Gopikas and devotees all stand for love, all represent love divine. Man also lives in Love. The love towards god becomes divine love. Love towards fellow beings makes a man perfect, pure and divine.

Man runs on two bars, EGO & SELF. THEY ARE PARALLEL BARS. WITHOUT EGO AND SELF-MAN SUPPOSES THAT LIFE IS A WASTE. Man should attend his needs. Yet he can be egoless & selfless. SELF IS ESSENTIAL, SELFISHNESS IS FOOLISH. EGO within the limits is worthwhile. EGO that exceeds personality becomes dangerous. Without Ego & selfishness man cannot do any work. He cannot put his mind and heart in any, if the results do not bring him fortune & satisfaction. We should not worship EGO. We can as well sublimate it. We need not be Selfish. We can as well be self-conscious.

Every man will have some special qualities. He behaves accordingly. Those qualities are called GUNA KARMAS. Man must understand what he is. He should not escape from the past karma. Yet he should not compromise with Karma. BY YOGA ONE CAN DISSOLVE THE PAST KARMAS. By wise decision he can select a right path. Yoga develops wisdom. One is blessed with higher knowledge. So, one must proceed with Yogic heart. Then he can live a Yogic life. Every action will become a Yoga work.

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