Karma As Lord (God)

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To comprehend life, there has to the breaking down of mental barriers which can only be accomplished by integrating science, math, nature, evolution and creationism into a whole.

Existence is a whole, there is only one thing to represent the whole and that is zero. Why? Because all of the other nine numbers when added, subtracted, multiplied or divided by itself does not equal itself. It is the only number without a positive or negative counterparts which are integrated within it. Therefore, we begin by naming existence Zeroverse rather than a one or universe. [NOTE: Creation incorporates a need for a maker, Existence suggests it always was, it is and it always will be.]

Look at nature where we find cycles upon cycles from the infinitely smallest to the infinitely largest. The smallest part of matter we called the atom but our planet is an atom, our solar system is a larger atom which goes around something larger which makes whatever it is an even larger atom. Everything we know of can be broken down to atoms and yet recognized as what it is. Now we get the picture, everything is a type of the whole.

Now call trees' wood a symbol of the life-force, energy or ghost of all things. Call the leaves the body of all things. Call seasonal trees the symbol for reincarnation and evergreen trees the symbol for everlasting life. Use the metamorphosis as the means for man to evolve from being a temporary being into being an eternal being and the means for all ghosts to evolve through every type of life. We therefore have evolution of the ghost and not the physical forms.

Still, there has to be an intelligence behind it all. Every living entity consumes another living entity to maintain itself, so if the law of reaping what is sown or karma is valid. Since I killed a deer to make a trophy of its 9 point racked head, that had to happen to me when I was a deer. Therefore, some form of intelligence has to see to it that every ghost incarnates as the very beings they sow any act upon.

Intelligence would have to oversee every ghost incarnating as every attribute of each species in order to imprint memory of that attribute upon it. Once the ghost incarnates as every attribute of its species it evolves to another until it reaches man.

The word man has the definition of a mind capable of comprehending all things. Thus, once the ghost has incarnated as every known attributes of man it goes through the metamorphosis to become an eternal being. It is then able to change into every form of existence it has passed through and back to any other at will, dominion. It becomes what we call angels and operate on a higher vibration than man of earth are able to recognize and moves on to other planes of the Zeroverse. The rings in trees' wood and layers of the onion is the natural symbol for existence's manifested state, earth, and like places in existence, are the ball in the middle.

Because existence operates in a cycle and everything within it has to discarnate, so must it. We will say somewhere in the heart of existence is what is called the book of life. What it has is every ghost listed by name, if you will, and place in existence which the ghost at the peak of comprehension during the Zeroverse's discarnating memorizes so when it become the ghost of it, every ghost will be in its exact place so that no ghost will incarnate existence ahead of another.

So, there we have the integration of creationism, evolution, math, nature and science revealing he multitude of cycles operating in existence without the need of a god unless we say Karma is Lord.