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There are 8.4 million species in this world for a soul to take. Each type has a difference in their kundalini chakra's if any they have, subtle elements if any they have, subtle bodies if any they have. And the soul goes through the whole cycle of these 8.4 million species life and death to finally be born as a human !
And only as a human does your karma start counting.
Now everything you do, feel, think is being recorded in your memory (also its been recorded by an observer - a different soul that is not attached to you but is assigned to each soul for recording. chitragupt - but i wont ask you to go there because it may seem stupid to believe but its true.)
There are thus 3 types of records -
1. Current actions that are being recorded - everything you are doing at any instant.
2. Old records - Records that are now saved from many many births
3. Product records - Records that have been processed and resulted into - life situations.
Life situations - what species you are born into, problems and help that will occur for you (as in when will you receive happy moments or be in good situations and when will you receive sad moments or be in bad situations ) and the third is the years you will live or the amount of life force to be assigned.

Now when you die - your physical body dies - according to karma as told above.
Soul exits the physical body leaving with the subtle body and causal body. Here Karma again comes into action as the product record also determines the dimension you are(soul is) gonna go to.
Apart from this physical world or 3D world, there are different other worlds which are in different dimensions but obviously physical bodies cannot enter those dimension. (eg. you cannot insert a 1x1x1 matrix into a 1x1 matrix or into a 0x0x0x1x1x1 matrix. these are just examples)
Each world is for subtle bodies having similar kind of inner mechanics (told before) -
These world range from Pure good (heaven) to pure evil (hell) but there are many more worlds in between. eg. a world for scientific minds, or artists, or bad kings etc.
Now when serving in hell or enjoying in heaven - your records are processed accordingly.
because you serve for bad deeds, and use fruition of good deeds.
Timeline is all dimensions become different. eg. Heaven's 1 day is equal to the time of one year here.
So if you earn an year of good deeds you get to be in heaven for 24hours :D I dunno about hell.
And then you are born again !

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Dear, you are so full of 2nd hand information...

Too much hearsay, I must say! I suggest you do some real contemplation, and stop listening to idle chatter/ reading/ too much...

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Mon, 03/19/2012 - 06:22
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thank you

you are so correct that you made me laugh.
I'll re-write the post tonight, please re-read it and point out all mistakes(it was written last month). Though its not because of listening to idle chatter / reading too much but because of incomplete reading and because its not written well.
Its said : "intelligent people talk less."
Currently I am running around shouting everywhere :D lol

mittaladitya89 | Mon, 03/19/2012 - 10:25
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For any KARMA,there has to be a KARTA.
This sense of doership,this identification is what makes us either enjoy(heaven) or suffer(hell)
Realization of your true nature,breaks this identification and releases you from all the affects of KARMA,SO-CALLED GOOD OR SO-CALLED BAD.
"YOU" basically ,are out of the equation !!!
The universal force is all then that is.


MAI | Sun, 04/15/2012 - 02:16