On Karma

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Karma is essentially Divine. Action is the basis for creation, for growth, for fulfillment, for harmony, for poise and bliss. Man should know how to act. When he does not know how to act, he will create consequences from his actions. Man should know, for example, how to drive a car, if not the unintended accident happens. Likewise, he should know how to use his mind, senses and body. If not, he would create consequences of ill health, conflict in the surrounding life, etc.

The actions of ignorance keep creating consequences, the consequences have to be attended to and neutralized. Instead, man tries to escape from consequences or manipulate situations (again out of ignorance) and creates further consequences. He does so for series of lives, which accumulates as fate. Thereafter, fate runs life and man works for fate. Fate is called individual Karma. By attending to the present fate, he creates fate for the future. The past fate leads him to the present and the present leads him into future. Thus he is bound by time – past, present and future. This is referred symbolically to as the serpent Kronos. Kronos is the time that binds
beings in serpentine coils. It tightens the coils when man reaches the heights of ignorance. It loosens the coils when man takes the path of rectitude and of knowledge. The tightening and loosening of the coils is represented by the tightening and loosening of the skin of the serpent, meaning, the body of flesh and blood (physical body). Karma is purificatory. This needs to be understood.

An individual’s Karma emerging from his past ignorance offers him a life. During life, events come to him and he needs to respond to them with knowledge and with neutrality. When this does not happen, Karma creates more Karma. The past Karma leads one to one’s present life. The present Karma leads one to the future life. These three divisions of Karma are called
in Sanskrit - Sanchita, Prarabda and Aagami Karma (past, present and future Karma). The Greeks also mention the three deities of Karma and Kronos is the time that offers such Karma.
One of the fundamental and foremost teachings of Lord Krishna relates to the key of action, Karma Yoga (Chapter 3, Bhagavad Gita).

Man takes to series of incarnations, bound by past Karma, which accompanies him at all times until neutralized. Karma neutralization is possible through right action, which is the major part of discipleship. A man who takes to the path of return from ignorance to light wills to know the right action and to act accordingly. Such ones are the aspirants who would be helped from higher circles by the elder brothers of Humanity who are called the Masters of Wisdom or the Hierarchy. They are the custodians of knowledge and they help beings by imparting such knowledge. An aspirant who walks the path of life with will and determination gets into activity of service, study of wisdom and meditation. It is to him, the serpent Kronos loosens its skin. It is to him, the pictures of past Karma are peeled off. It is to him, Karma is neutralized.
Thereafter, he walks the path of Divine Karma as long as he follows the cardinal principles of Karma. The release from past Karma by time is symbolically stated as peeling off the pictures of past Karma from the skin of the serpent Kronos.

The disciple who neutralizes the past with the discipline of discipleship relieves himself from his body conditioning (body consciousness). He moves into bodies of light. Initially, he moves into the body of golden light and later into the body of diamond light. He would have the facility of more than one body and resides in any one or all of them according to the need. Then he is called a Master.

Among men, Masters stand out with Mastery. Among stones, diamonds stand out distinctly. Among snakes, Naga consciously leaves its skin every seven years and takes to a fresh and shiny body. The body she left off is also vibrant and is therefore worshiped. Likewise, the body that is left behind by a Master is also worshiped as a worthy envelope.

- Master K.P.K

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Actions and reactions

Actions of ignorance are actually reaction - Automatic reaction based on programming, on patterns, on similar cases in the past.

When one is present, automatic reaction stops, the robot cannot rule, one can now act consciously out of presence and awareness and he may not which is also a kind of action.

What is called Karma is the programming.

not_me | Sat, 12/05/2009 - 08:04
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Karma is overrated

I think Karma is overrated. People live in fear and in the same time cast all responsibility on Karma.

I think one has to inquire not the content of his Karma or why he has this and that karma but rather why he is preoccupied with his karma so much.

kamil | Mon, 12/14/2009 - 11:08