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I am a spiritual guide since last nine years, I am a Shakti Upasak, my main sadhna place is Kamroop Kamakhya Shakti Peeth in Assam, India. I am visiting this shakti peeth since last 16 years continiusly ,minimum three times a year,she is very kind towards me.One siddha has told me that you are worshiping maa kamakhya since last three BIRHS of yours.

Whatever I am today, I got all from goddess Kamakhya Devi blessings, my guru is also from this place.

I have also learned meditation sadhana from a powerful teacher. I take small group of people for 5 days, give them the guidance on how to go deep in meditation and get relieved from their stress and strain.

Apart from my all expenditure paid by them, I take my fees per day, per person, as spiritual guide. I am a sanjeevni vidya sadhak, it is just like Reki, taking energy into both palms from cosmic energy and providing these energies to each part of the body of self or other person.

Learn all these vidya from me against my fees plus my boarding, lodging charges and make your life healthy. For my regular clients, I do the distant healing also.

I do the work for other spiritual houses also on mutual understanding.

Devi Shakti (Upasaka)

Apart from dhyan sadhna, I am a shakti upasaka, to get super natural cosmic energy by chanting mantras of devi, guru mantra that too of devi, regularly visiting to kamakhya shakti peeth, the most powerful tantra peeth of world in Guwahati, Assam, India. Facilitating people to visit there against my fees for doing so.

After getting mails from peoples from all over the world,that they want to do KAMAKHYA SADHNA but it is very expensive to go there,& do puja,get mothers energy(shakti).so i am going to start online,small workshops of ten peoples(minimum)\for two days at any spiritual place kamakhyasadhna through meditation,cleaning chakras,sending BEEJ MANTRA OF KAMAKHYA to each & every chakra,your heigher self ,sending mothers energy through initiation using sambhavi shakti of mine..I WOULD ALSO LOVE SOME SPONSERS TO COME FORWARD TO SPONSER MY WORKSHOPS ON SHARING BASIS.Please start registering yourself.,with me on my mail lalbaba111@gmail.com Take the blessings of maa kamakhya,make yourself powerful,to get rid of day to day problems of yours,get health,wealth,&prosperity in your life.