Kaleidoscope of Life....

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I sat in the shade of a tree, enjoying an afternoon breeze while writing in my journal. I want to share these thoughts with those of you who can relate to them:

Life is an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors, textures, smells, feelings, emotions, love, fear, pain, joy, death and other facets too numerous to mention. Life is about change and it is futile to resist it. Most of us have tried. That is part of our evolutionary process of being here. Within life's journey is a season for us to complete our cycles of creative expression. It is our choice how we accomplish this.

We choose to come here to experience the persona of being human. Life is a journey, but we are conditioned into believing it is "The Great Game." We become enmeshed in the duality of "winners and losers" and we react accordingly. We are taught to believe that more is better, yet it is never enough, so we fall into that trap that forms our chains to the cycles of suffering. We are constantly on guard protecting what is ours, from those who wish to take it from us, or we are busy formulating plans to take what is theirs. In this mode of our reality, we strive to become the big fish that eats the little fish, but there will always be a bigger fish than us. We can see this scenario being played out on a global scale. Corporate greed, politics, corruption, the elite few controlling the planet's resources, war, etc..

The poor man dreams of becoming rich to solve all his problems. A millionaire dreams of becoming a billionaire, because $ millions are not enough. In this delusion, there is never enough. Completion is the surrendering of our illusory ego/identity and freeing ourselves of the chains that desires and attachments have put on us. This allows us to BE on the journey that has neither a past nor future. It is not easy to give control over to the heart, But there lies our "Authentic Self."

Awakening is a process of peeling away the many layers of illusion until no-thing is left. The shift in consciousness is subtle, as Eckhart Tolle says, "It does not come with drums and trumpets." When we give up our need to search for answers, it is because we have come to realize that there are no answers. When we learn to trust in the Heart to guide us, we no longer need the mind to process, define and mislead us. Gratitude is the way to our freedom.

We belong to the circle of life: