Justice and injustice always exist side by side.

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71) You have taken the driver's seat in bus travel (journey through life) with co - passengers of all types and classes. It is for you to see that you steer it cautiously to their destiny making everybody feel safe and comfortable.
72) Life is a marathon walk and on the way, we mix, talk, sing, compete, dine and dance with our fellows. In a competition some win and others loose, both have to take it sportively.
73) Life is like driving a fully loaded lorry. Load in this context is shouldering of multifaceted responsibilities. Though some lorries on the way meet with mishaps, we should continue the travel without interruption till we reach the goal.
74) Justice and injustice always exist side by side. Forget the wrong path and follow the right.
75) Normally 80% truth is accepted as truth. At times, it may be worth- while to let others live in the illusion of truth if it leads to their mental satisfaction and contributing to their peaceful living. We should always attempt to discard the bad.