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Once upon a time, in a NOWWAY kind of place.
There was born into this world, among the mortal race.

A special kind of being, who was in want of no need.
Salvation’s harvest, the saviors of the world, due to grow forth from this seed.

He walked this earth like you and I, in all appearance just another man.
The Celestial Kingdom held spellbound in anticipation, as He fulfilled a loving God’s plan.

In unbroken communion, His days were spent free, from any bondage or sin.
If life were a contest, surly all would be losers, because this Man would win.

Till one day in Gethsemane’s garden, the anointing of darkness He received.
To experience the great separation with intensity, beyond what any mind has ever conceived.

Thus the PEACEBOMB was armed, and when He said, “It Is Finished,” the timer was set.
And the moment of Detonation, was sufficient to pay the Full Mortal Debt.

Then a Whole New Royal Race was born in this earth, a whole New Breed of Man.
When He stepped fourth from the POWERTOMB, and by ascension established us in the NOBLE CLAN.

So now children of the Most High, celebrate rejoicing, in the Freedom we find.
Letting go of limitations, find the vision of true Identity, and let some light in your mind.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, God has united us with Himself, by virtue of His own power.
And grace is the only reality we will allow ourselves, to experience this hour.

Where no judgment is made, no obstacle exists for self discovery.
And the Self who inhabits the self, is the vision we are privileged to see.

Finding out WE are the Celestial Kingdom, what need have we to want, worry or fear.
If God never left in the first place, how is it we try to know how, to get Him to draw near?

B.C. laws do not work in an A.D. world, so why don’t we just Wake Up and come alive.
Let the Great Refreshing come upon the Brotherhood, and let their spirits revive.

Where all is one there can be no relationship, and no experience of change.
Beyond conception the mind is left with no thoughts to arrange.

Knowledge is knowing this, and perception its denial.
The inexhaustible joy of knowing, makes it easy to smile.

How can we trust God, and how can this knowledge we know.
I say we call on the Blood, don’t sweat the load, and just Flow in NOW’S Go.