Just Give Belief a Chance!

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Our subconscious conditioning is enormously influenced by the environment, by the collective mind of people around us and by the media. It is also influenced by what we refer to as "science" which is actually the old obsolete yet instinctive science that completely excludes quantum mechanics.

These surrounding factors constantly and consistently preach for skepticism, in other words - only what you can see and depict in solid "logical" mainstream scientific model does exist, there is nothing beyond, only fantasies. Actually, there is a tacit ignorant assumption concealed in this preaching:it is not science which simulates reality but rather that reality is supposed to simulate science.

In such a reality, there is no meaning to anything, you are the body or actually some phantom temporal hologram emulated by the body, everything is accidental and arbitrary. In such a reality, it doesn't matter what you do or seek or be, you will cease soon and so your doing, seeking and being. This is not a sane option to live by. Still, all of us are fanatically conducting our lives by this thesis and thus miserably suffer.

Realizing this, it appears that the only practical approach left is to give the other option a try, just a try, after all what is there to lose comparing to the depressing and meaningless-based option?

You have given a try, throughout all your life, to the skeptic option, consciously and unconsciously. Even if you take yourself to be a deeply religious person, inspect very carefully and you will find out numerous mental islands of skepticism throughout your daily activities. Do you get angry or frightened sometimes? If you inspect these feelings of fear and anger carefully, you will find skepticism at their substratum.

It will be only fare to give the same chance you gave skepticism (and got nowhere by this) to the other option of belief, of "maybe I am not the body...", "maybe there is something beyond there...". Give it a try even for only one month. You will find out how hard it is, how strong are those conditionings of skepticism and disbelief.

You will find out how strong is the supporting skeptic environment, bombarding you over and over with skeptic energy and influence. Do not give up, give belief a fare chance! Even just assume for a while that the belief doctrine is valid. Remember, your inner conviction in the validness of the skeptic option is also just an assumption you adopted, a tacit unaware assumption, not a fact as you tend to believe.

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Belief is based on ego. Whatever is seen,known,believed, experienced as real on the base of ego is falsehood or illusory.

How can anyone say mind and his experience of the world is apart from the mind. It is better to know what is mind then searching answers and imagining something as a person. If the mind exists then only the person and his perceived world exist. It is erroneous to remain within the mind which is present as human experience and trying to manipulate with individual experiences with the physical based conduct and understanding when the true self is not the physical entity. There is no use of trying whatever is based on the physical identity or ego.

santthosh kumaar | Mon, 06/30/2008 - 05:13
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Neither belief nor skepticism...

You are still stuck in the mind (no offense), stuck between the choices of belief and skepticism, a dualistic pair.

Who has ever given a fair try to surrendering both belief and skepticism? Trusting life, trusting the now, trusting your Being. Living without a mental intermediary. Living on courage. Accepting adventure as a way of life.

P.S. the 'skeptic environment' is easily abandoned - there's no need to watch TV, read/watch the news (the important stuff is told on the streets anyway), read books, etc. Losing interest in the mind is a prerequisite to seeing through it, and it turns out 99.9% of the material out there is junk.


Omkaradatta | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 06:03
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Ego can't control anything

We can also challenge how this whole belief business comes about. To say "give this belief a try" assumes mind/ego can try on a belief like we try on a pair of shoes.

Nobody actually chooses a belief, nor can they choose to let go of one. Beliefs are a result of conditioning; what actually seems to proove itself through experience. Understanding and intuitive clarity are part of that conditioning that forms belief and so for a belief to change, there must be a transformative experience or realization.

When it comes to dis-identifying with the body, it's not a matter of forming some rational argument. Reasoning is how mind came to identify with the body to begin with, and the logic is foolproof. The intuitive insight that nothing can observe itself as an object outside of itself is enough to do away with that identification. You might also notice that, if you are the body, you wouldn't know that any change is happening, because you would BE that change, and yet something observes the body changing. You might also have a subtle sense of beingness that doesn't have any qualities associated with it. Many folks can remeber also having this same sense as a child, and can notice that the sense is exactly the same. The body changes and the mind acquires knowledge but that sense of beingness hasn't changed at all.

These kinds of realizations is what alters what is believed by mind. You'll also find that dis-identifying with the body is just the beginning. That sense of 'me' will just back up into the mind and you'll have to challenge the truth of that belief too.

Phroggy | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 06:37
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Try it!

Indeed it works on the balance between the two "types" of conditionings. It just shifts the point of balance after years of adapting to skeptical doctrines. And indeed it works on the mind and is just the beginning.

Try it and you will see the gates opened. And I don't mean the Christian-like perspective of course. I mean gates on the path.

Acting from the belief standpoint is much more effective than acting from the disbelief standpoint or worse from the "mental acrobatics" mechanical standpoint.

seeker | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 07:15
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Looking for a place to hide

Mental acrobatics is the conclusion that you can choose what to believe, choose to surrender, chooses to accept, when there is no chooser present. False beliefs are what stand in the way, even the belief in concepts that point to something that is ultimately True. Forget about belief and forget about skepticism which is also belief. You're not reconditioning the mind that way because you're not in control of what mind believes. You, the person, are also a belief. How is a belief going to stop believing in itself, especially when coming from a belief standpoint?

You don't want to approach it from a 'disbelief' standpoint because you don't want to notice that nothing you believe is true, but what if that's the truth?

Phroggy | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 16:27
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Spirituality VS. Mental acrobatics

Of course I'm still stuck in the mind :-)

Without the belief and skepticism polarity, it is not spirituality to my taste, it is atheist mental acrobatics. Maybe these acrobatics are more effective towards realization but they are not spiritual, the spirit was taken out and there is a machine left there. I prefer the soul spirituality even if it is less effective.

I find this skeptic-belief surrendering stuff too much of not spiritual but more of a mental atheist exercise. Many "spiritual" people I encounter (e.g. in Puna, in Osho's ashram) are not spiritual or even religious, they are just mental acrobats. I believe that just doing meditation technically is not enough. When you pull out "god" from the equation, when you pull out the "soul" and the spirit from the equation the essence vanishes.

seeker | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 07:10
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What you mean by belief...

I'm thinking by 'belief' you really mean 'trust', which isn't the same thing. Belief is a mental standpoint (e.g. 'I believe in God'), while trust is the absence of such stances. One can find trust simply by dropping skepticism, there's no need to take up any new beliefs.


Omkaradatta | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 18:43
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I mean connectedness with the "beyond". It is something I was in for sometime in the past and sometimes am lucky to have it nowadays. It is very hard to explain this as it is not a thinking ot a standpoint. It is a very deep experience.

seeker | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 20:40
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Yes to belief, seeker.

Pure intent and surrender define belief. The skeptic energy is not of the heart but is useful to the mind.

slenten | Thu, 10/02/2008 - 08:17
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Excellent approach but usually it doesn't work

A few months ago I had an experience that proved beyond all doubt that there is a paranormal reality beyond the logic and senses. The probability that such thing will happen is more or less the probability to win the lottery.

I was very fortunate to have that experience. I am truly thankful for this amazing gift I got.

Yet, I was amazed to observe that my skeptic mind that this time could not have any logical explanations for that event decided therefore to block itself and it simply refuses to deal with that experience, it refuses to let that issue enter my stream of consciousness. I couldn't believe how canny the mind can be in his struggle.

sharonk | Fri, 11/28/2014 - 21:16