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Alas, it seems I rise beyond this incessant quest of meaning; for explanation, of life, as it is. And even this state may be of but a day's duration. And that is okay. Each moment is as it is, and it is but a moment: a snatch of so-called imagined time. We never live in the fullness of our existence. We live but specks of it; little tiny specks. And so what? It is neither good, nor bad, nor anything. It is nameless. It is timeless. And so too is that which we consider an existence. Now, I will continue to explore.
Aries are supposedly intellectual. And, who knows: perhaps my seemingly constant intake of information was birthed in the pursuit of life meaning; life purpose? Not even presently feeling inclination for further expansion of this writing. For I write not, in such instance as now and other times, to explain nor pontificate, but to just express such notions as bubble-up from time-to-time.

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Self expression

Dear absolute.silence,

Beautiful self expression.
Every bubble rises to the surface, stays a while and subsides into the the very same absolute silence it rises from.
Enjoy it.


MAI | Thu, 07/18/2013 - 07:03
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One comment: The now, the moment that we live in, is not the one which is a snatch of so-called imagined time. That moment which is relative to the time axis is the same as tomorrow and yesterday, still defined and experienced based on time. The moment that we live in has no connection to that which we call "time". It is isolated and absolute.

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sonti | Thu, 07/18/2013 - 08:24