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I walk through the maze of buses in Banashankari and get into 501. I feel relieved; I've come on time to secure myself a seat. Even as the driver is to come, a six-year-old boy with oversized, patched, torn and soiled clothes sits down beside me. He holds out his hand with his eyes pleading for money. Selfishness overcomes my desire for seeing his expectation fulfilled and I shrug my shoulders and shake my head as if to say that I have none. His face falls, his eyes reflect disappointment and he digs his pockets for an assorted collection of stones, thread and groundnuts. He picks out the groundnuts, breaks the shell and is about to eat. He suddenly remembers me and holds out his hand – this time meaning to give – and I, meaning to be more generous, again shake my head. He persists with indescribable zest. As I pretend to eat some, I see his eyes dancing with delight, a sight to make this incident more memorable and touching. I turn away to hide my tears.

At last, realization has dawned on me. Like the sun, it has taken all night, fifteen years of my life, to come, but it has truck me harder than anything has ever done in my entire life. People talk about beauty and the God of Love, but this young boy, so pure at heart, seems to me the manifestation of both.

I slowly begin to realise so many things, the absence of which has left me feeling unsettled for so long. Pure and unconditional love is the basis of this caring and sharing. Several things begin to flash through my mind – whatever I have read or heard earlier, however remotely they are connected to this occurrence. As the doubt – "Does God exist?" resurfaces within me, I recollect the SMS that my sister has recently read out to me. "Deep down in the hearts of all humans, there is a hunger for the love of God. It may perhaps be unrealized and unsatisfied, but it is there. This longing itself is the proof that God exists."

"TICKETS!!!" The shrill voice of the conductor interrupts my train of thoughts. I become aware that the bus is moving. Buying the tickets, continue to muse. I feel that God is just not an idol in the temple, an image in the church or an unidentifiable energy in the mosque. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and several other great souls who help people, performing selfless service, were considered God by many. That's it, I think. When someone helps you, he or she is God to you. God is a feeling, often, that you feel towards someone or a part of creation.

On the other hand, Meera Bai comes into my mind, and my friend to whom God is her best friend, orphans standing in front of different deities, images and forms of God and envisioning their parents. I can now see pictures as in a slide show – single mothers to whom their darling and only child, all that they live for, is God; only children to whom he or she is their sibling. Oh! Your personal God in whom rests all your faith can take any form and that is so marvelous.

When I'm surrounded by so much positive energy bubbling around me, isn't it time to throw away my greed, squash my guilt and bring out the best in me? I'm sure that is also God's work. As Michael Angelo has said – "I saw an angel in a stone and I stopped not till I carved it."

Artists often say – "Art, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder." Isn't it true for life too? This strikes the chords of my memory and I go back to the time when my cousin and my closest playmate had asked me, an eight-year-old girl then, to read "GODISNOWHERE", and I read it as 'GOD IS NOWHERE". He had been quick enough to retort that it could also be read as "GOD IS NOW HERE", and this very moment, I can feel that omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient energy more than ever.

I stand up to make my way towards the door. My Guru Shri Shri Nimishananda's resonating voice, quoting a well-known scripture, the Narada Bhakti Sutras, ring in my ears – "What starts off as a small ripple in a pond gathers momentum and energy, becomes as large as a wave of an ocean and engulfs our whole lives."

Life is, to me, an expression of energy inherent in every human being and takes the form of ideas, thoughts or emotions and actions or activities. I have started on the first part. I sincerely hope that this transformation, the one and only good change in my life yet, will encompass my entire life. If this ending journey is compared to my life, I pray that all my ideas can be put into action by this stage.

I wonder weather my life will be long enough. Drawing inspiration from the words of my teacher – "Life is an opportunity. If you live it well, once is enough," I am overpowered by the feeling that as long as life is lived well, it does not matter how long it is lived. Having reached my destination, I step down onto the stone pavement.

I walk up to the nearest shop, beckoning the young boy, my redeemer, to accompany me. I pick out a handful of jellies and chocolates and place them in his hands.

So LIFE, as it is often said, is "Love Invited For Ever."

Offering this article at the Lotus Feet of Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji, the source of all, with love and reverence,



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a wonderful article..a

a wonderful article..a lovely way to learn how to be selfless. i really liked the last part, where you implemented your thought processes immediately by buying the boy some sweets...

Maitri Vasudev | Mon, 01/04/2010 - 19:43