Jesus state during cruxification

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Jesus state during cruxification

When you are isolated from your subtle body, which is made of three qualities and feelings, you are also isolated from the gross body. Then you are identified with your causal body (Atman), which is pure awareness and in such stage you are just a spectator of both the subtle and gross bodies. The gross body of Lord Jesus was crucified and the subtle body is undergoing all the torture and agony. He was confined to His causal body and was watching both the crucification of gross body and the agony of the subtle body. During the process of crucification the reaction and statement of subtle body is in one line and the reaction and statement of the causal body is in another line. Even before crucification one can note the mixed feelings and statements of both the bodies. Jesus prayed God to avoid the crucification if possible and His body was vibrating when He was imagining the future crucification. All this belongs to the subtle body. Finally He said that let the crucification take place if it was the will of God.

This belongs to the causal body. On the cross He was asking God “ Why have you left me? ” and this belongs to subtle body. When He said “ I am surrendering myself to your hand ”, this belongs to causal body. Unless the critical, logical and analytical discrimination exists, one will get confused and will give wrong interpretations on these mutually contradicting feelings and statements. Thus, you can find Jesus as a perfect “Atma Yogi” and He stands as a successful practical follower of the spiritual knowledge of Sankara.

Both Sankara and Jesus are the knowledge- suns of East and West. Both stand opposite to each other on the end points of the diameter of the earth as the single knowledge sun rising in diagonally opposite times.