Japan’s Tragedy Understood

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There is no doubt that all men should be praying for their brothers and sisters who now endure the intense suffering from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And there is no need to repeat here the details of what happened to cause this horrific situation.

But understanding cause and effect in a spiritual sense can serve to assuage our distress and give birth to wisdom, a comprehension, beyond mere intellectual activity.

In the beginning of the William LePar/The Council phenomenon – in fact, in the very first trance communication from The Council – mankind was told of why “earth changes” had already started. That was a generation ago. At that time humanity suffered INTENTIONAL spiritual blindness. Today (these are my words) it is even worse. envision our eyes closed a generation ago; now see our eyes stubbornly squeezed shut today, as we foolishly refuse to understand reality as it smashes harder and harder against us.

We – the billions of unique, eternal, creative beings working together in this physical illusion throughout our history – are responsible for the tsunamis,earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and each and every killer storm that plaques us. All things are related, all things are now. Growth is now. Grace is now. Cause and effect are now. Our todays, The Council explained, are created yesterday. Our tomorrows are created today. Much of this, especially the “all things are now” concept, is so very difficult to grasp. But for this point in our existence, we can comprehend this simple truth: Our negative actions, our ungodly actions, throughout time as we know it, result in nature cleansing itself. We understand, from physical science, that every action has a reaction. It is the same with, if you want to use the term, “spiritual science.”

The Council explained, many times and in many ways, that we have free will and this is our world. For better or for worse depends on us. Today’s natural tragedies are the results of the cumulative impact of mankind’s actions that have been less than godly. The responsibility spreads across past generations. We have no one else to give credit to, or blame for, however nature treats us.

Imagine, envision, the most beautiful natural world you can. Create it in your mind. Now simply remember that whatever you do impacts that world. On a smaller scale, it is like having a potted plant in your care. If you don’t water it, if you don’t provide nourishment, it suffers. If you provide it nourishment, if you provide it positive and loving care, the plant grows in beauty and you enjoy it even more.

Can we do anything about the suffering in Japan? Absolutely. Physical aid pours into that nation, to those children of the Divine who now suffer. They suffer, as so many have through so many “natural disasters” in what we perceive as the past. And prayer is being poured into the situation. Prayer IS creation. Prayer and physical activity – in itself a powerful form of prayer – impact today and all of our tomorrows. As William LePar used to say, “Good in, good out.”

Will more efforts by nature to cleanse itself occur? Well, we cannot honestly say “let nature take its course.” That course for today may have been set by yesterday’s human activity. But one might say we live in multiple universes, multiple worlds. The universe that is family and friends and everyone around us is impacted much more immediately and profoundly by our actions. Tomorrow for that universe is easily seen.

The universe that is our own unique creative being can do incredible things, from sending physical aid to those in need to applying prayer to whatever situation we choose. A smile, compassion, kindness, given to someone in our world will be acts that live forever.

This subject can be so complex, yet so simple. Another of SOL’s veteran members reminded me of another aspect to humanity’s story that really needs included here. While I mentioned The Council stressed the cleansing efforts of nature reflect an accumulation of our transgressions against Divine nature, I absolutely forgot this point: Today's disasters are caused by yesterday's transgressions. (But) It is too easy to blame the Japanese or the Haitians for their transgressions and say that they deserve this. (As some have done.) You cannot say that Japan's suffering is caused by Japan's transgressions of the past. The Council has said that sickness and suffering that people endure may have been taken on by them (at a higher spiritual level) to provide an opportunity for others to show their godliness in helping and supporting that individual, to provide an opportunity for other people to work off their karma. Indeed, Japan's suffering may be our opportunity for us to show our godliness and may have been caused by our own transgressions.”

Thank you for reading.

D. James

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