Its the matter of Heart or Heart of the matter.

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There are some who naively believe that the Yogi or sage meditating in Himalayas or any retreat is developing a blank mind or a heightened state of awareness which has nothing to do with the emotions or more precisely the Heart.

There are also those who claim to know everything and yet don't know how to bring about a change even when they perceive something to be false.

I had written in my previous blog that the problem is one of knowledge or giving undue importance to thought. We perceive things through the screen of our thoughts and ideas. Even in this perception we jump to what should be or imagine the opposite and thereby divide our mind. Let us take some examples to illustrate the point. In our spiritual journey we look so far ahead to what is enlightenment, a perfect Guru or whatever and forget to take a stock of where we factually stand and what is the next step that is needed. Our discussions on spirituality are so abstract or philosophical in nature that they merely turn into mental gymnastics or a game or entertainment. We call this mambo-jumbo spirituality and decry those earnestly practicing in solitude. The common accusations range from it is not practical to where is compassion in it, or that we care too much about our relations to start on the path just yet (whatever it may mean). When we notice anger or greed we immediately jump to the fact that there should be no anger or greed or try to control it.

True silence or being alone is not a matter of being isolated. No spiritual life worth its name can start unless one has sorted out this tangle of emotions in which we are entwined.

Any observation if it has to succeed ( in terms of bringing about a change ) has to have a heart in it. Meaning we have to be value it, have passion for it and be sincere.

Our being is determined by the sum or center of gravity of our emotional self. In the beginning there is one thing that we could do to qualitatively improve our emotional life and that is to shun negative emotions or at least never express them. The modern teaching to express negative emotion in order to avoid it being pent up or that its non- expression would create psychological problems is such a farce and is contrary to the discovery of sages.

The heart can only be purified through understanding , simplicity and humility to Learn. Let us allow the Heart to flower by valuing it and heeding to the silent whispers.