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Is it right to feel that I have 2 entities with in me one mind and one soul. Soul I feel is just sitting silently simply throwing the sparks of energy where ever it has to. Soul has a plan of its own many a times the mind cant figure out souls work but, soul knows what the mind wants or desires. It gives the mind all that the mind wants but vice versa is not possible is this right?

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If you feel it then it is

If you feel it then it is right.

You have more than 2 entities, you have numerous selves within you and they all share the mind and your memory but have different conditioning. They have nothing to do with the soul, the soul is not felt or observed, the other do because they actually not you. What you call the soul is actually another self, it is not the soul.

mika | Sun, 09/09/2012 - 20:01