It Is As It Is

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And if only
Life were just so

All would be tickety-boo

And you could live your life
Without a care in the world

It was never your life
Nor a life playing you

You are not dreaming
Nor being dreamt

You... is the dream

All of it
All of it

No one awakens!
No one slept!

The brain all a-scrambled by doing the mental math

Balancing balance sheets

When the sides of the equation do the see-saw act

Leaving one all goggle-eyed

Flopping into bed at night

Attempts to get all the ducks in a row

And there's not even gristle and bone left
Life swallows life whole

Leaving chemtrails of memories
Dissipating clouds

A sky so blue

Blue is as blue as blue gets
There never was a sky
Nor a life
Nor you

Catch me a life
Catch me a thief

Catch me a me
If you can

And I wake up to a dawn
And the pitter-patter of gentle raindrops on the lake below

A bird sings
I cannot see it
It's still dark outside

Ears follow its trajectory
As it tee tees across the sky
Throwing musical notes with insouciance
Into the cool morning breeze

A song bird sings
Carrying heart songs
On dew drenched lips

The dance was in her steps

The songs her heart beat

The tears a river flowing

The smiles a grand baby's tug at her lips

The sparkle in the eyes
A silvery shiny moonbeam

And love
Ah love

Her very being

It is as it is

Till it isn't


It is as it is