It's Impossible to Be Unhappy in This Moment

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"It is impossible
to be unhappy in this moment.

If you are aware,
surrendered completely in this moment
then you are free from unhappiness.

Unhappiness only exists
in thoughts about the past and future.

You remember bad things that happened
or you anticipate bad things that might happen.

Without thinking about the past & future,
there is only this moment,
there is only consciousness.
There is only peace.

So perhaps at first
you need a technique,
something the mind can focus on
to keep you present,
or to at least keep returning your attention
to the present.

But after a while
you can just surrender into
the present moment.

You can learn to let go
of attaching yourself to thinking
and remain resting in presence;
the presence that transcends unhappiness.
The presence that is pure peace.

Once you see your unhappiness
is self created through thinking,
you can learn to transcend thought
and be as you truly are in this moment.

You can allow yourself to rest
in your natural state of conscious peace
completely free of unhappiness.

Much love,


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