Invitation to all sincere seekers

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Namaste to All
I am here inviting All of you sincere seekers to join mass Kundalini Awakening session with me.
I am going to start it from 21 Jan to 26 Jan 2009 at 10.00 IST(Indian Standard Time) which is +5.30 GMT.
The session will be for one and half hrs daily and hope all of you sincere seekers will spare your time to sit at the same time according to your Country Time Jone and get the benefit of this mass Kundalini Awakening session through Shaktipat/Mystic Initiation in Siddha Maha Yoga.
Any question on this invited.
I am authorizing charlyne pich, who has received Shaktipat for Kundalini Awakening recently to guide and reply the questions of all seekers.
Pl.see my blog for more information at