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I watch beauty of the sun in splendor
as reflections cross over from the sea
with the sands of time that make me wonder
what makes us play, dance and thrive to life.

Yonder the waves like past memories
keep coming to satiate my thirsty soul
spells in deluge as natures' shadow's
and I, sit gather divine consciousness?

Instinct and illusions deny fate's truth
For I feel him not there; but in my heart.

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Nice poetry!

Enjoyed the freedom of your soul!

When you watch Real beauty...momentarily your mind get loose your consciousness...that MOMENT is NOMIND!!

It may happen Spontaneously without forcing it...when you come back to your realise..."you were nowhere"...but that can be understand when you are fully aware of next very moment.....

bonya basu | Thu, 04/26/2012 - 18:08