introspection -2

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i was at richies street, to buy 6" inch tv positively as i try to live well in my modest earnings...

he showed a good tv and when i asked for "iron box" the other shop will have it he said first he dealyed that much for me to remember "iron box " and cheat...

as i moved to toher shop he changed my tv to one of imperfection as done by "brown bay"

"u cannot believe anyone or must go to buy with two persons"

if u move to second gear or swadhistana we will destroy muladhara eventough its sinless....

R they learning they have done injustice....

"he made a Tv a radio"

they seem to say left u buy u lose right u buy u gain..

someone offered Tv for rs 2100 a padaiyappa move and rs 3000 for dvd tv..

they do not know "they have destroyed the earnings"

but the boy hesistated to get money what use he has done a karma which is sinful...what fallows this karma time will say...

met a student "yamini" in bus who is good in tamil and hence read "word methodology" book in tamil.."she said she will come for yoga lets hope so"

as i observed "i am tolkappiyan" and i am "senavarayan"

"ilampooranar" can be saravana whose frequency i might share in tiruchendur.."

"samskar tv helped by rama nama sankirtan and "sundara kandam" i thought "yuddha kandam alone gives justice to world by destroying Ravana and getting united Lord Rama with Sita"....

will i repair and get my tv moving and do my justice possible to world and my family the question remains...

do not believen anyone or
"if u r alone buy at first stroke"

prof raman. (dhorai).

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u will believe one who cheats not good men!

viswanathan vendor's comment to andiappan boy ....
but will the fox go with lion a big "No"

Kalaam has gone Kumaran ....

will kumaran make the cut to foreign atlest now as sturn takes it march in virgo sign by "nirayana zodiac"

Lets watch.

with love

dhorai | Thu, 10/08/2009 - 14:41