Introduction of Jacob Boehme-part 2

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Pray what is the Virtue, Power, the Height and the Greatness of Love?

The Virtue of Love is NOTHING and ALL, or that Nothing visible out of which All Things proceed; its Power is through All Things; its Height is as high as God; its Greatness is as great as God. Its Virtue is the Principle of all Principles; its Power supports the Heavens and upholds the Earth; its Height is higher than the highest Heavens; and its Greatness is even greater than the very Manifestation of the Godhead in the glorious Light of the Divine Essence, as being infinitely capable of greater and greater Manifestations in all Eternity. What can I say more? Love is higher than the Highest. Love is greater than the Greatest. Yea, it is in a certain Sense greater than God; while yet in the highest Sense of all, God is LOVE, and Love is God. Love being the highest Principle, is the Virtue of all Virtues; from whence they all flow forth. Love being the greatest Majesty, is the Power of all Powers, from whence they severally operate; and it is the Holy Magical Root, or Ghostly Power from whence all the Wonders of God have been wrought by the Hands of his elect Servants, in all their Generations successively. Whosoever finds it, finds Nothing and All Things.

Dear Master, pray tell me how to understand this.

First then, in that I said, its Virtue is Nothing, or that Nothing which is the Beginning of All Things, thou must understand it thus; When thou art gone forth wholly from the Creature, and from that which is visible, and art become Nothing to all that is Nature and Creature, then thou art in that Eternal One, which is God himself. And then thou shalt perceive and feel in thy Interiour, the highest Virtue of Love. But in that I said, Its Power is through All Things, this is that which thou perceivest and findest in thy own Soul and Body experimentally, whenever this great Love is enkindled within thee; seeing that it will burn more than the Fire can do, as it did in the Prophets of old, and afterwards in the Apostles, when God conversed with them bodily, and when his Spirit descended upon them in the Oratory of Zion. Thou shalt then see also in all the Works of God, how Love hath poured forth itself into all Things, and penetrateth all Things, and is the most inward and most outward Ground in all Things: Inwardly in the Virtue and Power of every Thing; and outwardly in the Figure and Form thereof.

And in that I said, Its Height is as high as God; thou mayest understand this in thyself; forasmuch as it brings thee to be as high as God himself is, by being united to God: As may be seen by our beloved Lord Christ in our Humanity. Which Humanity Love hath brought up into the highest Throne, above all Angelical Principalities and Powers, into the very Power of the Deity itself.

But in that I also said, Its Greatness is as great as God, thou art hereby to understand, that there is a certain Greatness and Latitude of Heart in Love, which is inexpressible; for it enlarges the Soul as wide as the whole Creation of God. And this shall be truly experienced by thee, beyond all Words, when the Throne of Love shall be set up in thy Heart.

Moreover in that I said, Its Virtue is the Principle of all Principles, hereby it is given thee to understand, that Love is the principiating Cause of all created Beings, both spiritual and corporeal, by Virtue whereof the second Causes do move and act occasionally according to certain Eternal Laws from the Beginning implanted in the very Constitution of Things thus originated. This Virtue which is in Love, is the very Life and Energy of all the Principles of Nature, superiour and inferiour: It reaches to all Worlds, and to all Manner of Beings in them contained, they being the Workmanship of Divine Love; and it is the first Mover, and first Moveable both in Heaven above and in the Earth beneath, and in the Water under the Earth. And hence there is given to it the Name of Lucid Aleph, or Alpha; by which is expressed the Beginning of the Alphabet of Nature, and of the Book of Creation and Providence, or the Divine Archetypal Book, in which is the Light of Wisdom, and the Source of all Lights and Forms.

And in that I said, Its Power supports the Heavens; by this thou wilt come to understand, that as the Heavens, visible and invisible, are originated from this great Principle, so are they likewise necessarily sustained by it; and that therefore if this should be but never so little withdrawn, all the Lights, Glories, Beauties, and Forms of the heavenly Worlds, would presently sink into Darkness and Chaos.

And whereas I further said, that it upholds the Earth; this will appear to thee no less evident than the former, and thou shalt perceive it in thyself by daily and hourly Experience; forasmuch as the Earth without it, even thy own Earth also, (that is, thy Body) would certainly be without Form and void. By the Power thereof the Earth hath been thus long upheld, notwithstanding a foreign usurped Power introduced by the Folly of Sin. And should this but once fail or recede, there could no longer be either Vegetation or Animation upon it; yea, the very Pillars of it would be overthrown quite, and the Band of Union, which is that of Attraction or Magnetism, called the Centripetal Power, being broken and dissolved, all must thence run into the utmost Disorder, and falling away as into Shivers, would be dispersed as loose Dust before the Wind.

....continued below

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Part 2 continued

.....But in that I said, Its Height is higher than the highest Heavens; this thou mayest also understand within thyself; For shouldest thou ascend in Spirit through all the Orders of Angels and heavenly Powers, yet the Power of Love still is undeniably superiour to them all. And as the Throne of God, who sits upon the Heaven of Heavens, is higher than the highest of them, even so must Love also be, which fills them all, and comprehends them all.

And whereas I said of the Greatness of Love, that it is greater than the very Manifestation of the Godhead in the Light of the Divine Essence; that is also true. For Love enters even into that where the Godhead is not manifested in this glorious Light, and where God may be said not to dwell. And entering thereinto, Love begins to manifest to the Soul the Light of the Godhead; and thus is the Darkness broken through, and the Wonders of the new Creation successively manifested.

Thus shalt thou be brought to understand really and fundamentally, what is the Virtue and Power of Love, and what the Height and Greatness thereof is; how that it is indeed the Virtue of all Virtues, though it be invisible, and as a Nothing in Appearance, inasmuch as it is the Worker of all Things, and a powerful vital Energy passing through all Virtues and Powers natural and supernatural; and the Power of all Powers, nothing being able to let or obstruct the Omnipotence of Love, or to resist its invincible penetrating Might, which passes through the whole Creation of God, inspecting and governing all Things.

And in that I said, It is higher than the highest, and greater than the greatest; thou mayest hereby perceive as in a Glimpse, the supreme Height and Greatness of Omnipotent Love, which infinitely transcends all that human Sense and Reason can reach to. The highest Archangels and the greatest Powers of Heaven are, in Comparison of it, but as Dwarfs. Nothing can be conceived higher and greater in God himself, by the very highest and greatest of his Creatures. There is such an Infinity in it, as comprehends and surpasses all the Divine Attributes.

But in that it was also said, Its Greatness is greater than God; that likewise is very true in the Sense wherein it was spoken; For Love, as I before observed, can there enter where God dwelleth not, since the most high God dwelleth not in Darkness, but in the Light; the hellish Darkness being put under his Feet. Thus for Instance, when our beloved Lord Christ was in Hell, Hell was not the Mansion of God or of Christ; Hell was not God, neither was it with God, nor could it be at all with him; Hell stood in the Darkness and Anxiety of Nature, and no Light of the Divine Majesty did there enter. God was not there; for he is not in the Darkness or in the Anguish; but Love was there; and Love destroyed Death and conquered Hell. So also when thou art in Anguish or Trouble, which is Hell within, God is not the Anguish or Trouble; neither is he in the Anguish or Trouble; but his Love is there, and brings thee out of the Anguish and Trouble into God, leading thee into the Light and Joy of his Presence. When God hides himself in thee, Love is still there, and makes him manifest in thee. Such is the inconceivable Greatness and Largeness of Love; which will hence appear to thee as great as God above Nature, and greater than God in Nature, so as considered in his manifestative Glory.

Lastly, whereas I also said, Whosoever finds it, finds Nothing and All Things; that is also certain and true. But how finds he Nothing? Why, I will tell thee how. He that findeth it, findeth a Supernatural Supersensual Abyss, which hath no Ground or Byss to stand on, and where there is no Place to dwell in; and he findeth also Nothing is like unto it, and therefore it may fitly be compared to Nothing; for it is deeper than any Thing, and is as Nothing with Respect to All Things, forasmuch as it is not comprehensible by any of them. And because it is Nothing respectively, it is therefore free from All Things; and is that only Good, which a Man cannot express or utter what it is; there being Nothing to which it may be compared, to express it by.

But in that I lastly said, Whosoever finds it, finds All Things; there is nothing can be more true than this Assertion. It hath been the Beginning of All Things; and it ruleth All Things. It is also the End of All Things; and will thence comprehend All Things within its Circle. All Things are from it, and in it, and by it. If thou findest it, thou comest into that Ground from whence All Things are proceeded, and wherein they subsist; and thou art in it a KING over all the Works of God.

From "The Supersensual Life" by Jacob Boehme

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