Intermission,some random thoughts on Tirthapada and GBC

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Im glad there are people reading and enjoying my story about my beloved guru Tirthapada and because its quite an intense subject,I will have to take a little break before next chapter!I will number each episode so that anyone following will be able to pick it up,when I resume.
Looking back I am really rather disgusted at the way Tirthapada was dealt with by many of the other Gurus and members of the GBC.I saw faces of so called spiritual people contorted with hatred and rage and the way he was demonised was just plain insanity,quite honestly!

I believe things are now changing for the better in the ISKCON movement and I hope for Srila Prabhupadas sake,that is true.
Nonetheless,alot of damage was done by these people-many of whom have since been exposed as the true villains,involved in violence towards women,abuse of children,gun trafficking and other foul,illegal activities!
In a seperate blog I would like to share the series of dreams I had when in Canada,in 1989,about Srila Prabhupada,in which he appeared and showed me how he really felt about certain elements in his beloved ISKCON movement.

I had not met him when he was in this world but feel it was him,in person who visited me in these astonishing and vivid dream encounters.
I have nothing but love and the deepest admiration for this exceptionally brave and beautiful being and pray that those in his movement will do his love,devotion and mercifulness,true justice.
What happened back then, did not reflect the true spirit of their master and that is an understatement!
I trust lessons have been learnt and I wish nothing but success,peace and fulfillment for Prabhupadas ISKCON movement.

Tirthapada chose to follow his own path-not to everyones taste,granted,but no need to completely and utterly assasinate his name and character,in that way either!

I do have more to say on this subject,but feel that what Prabhupada showed me in aforementioned dreams will say it best of all.

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When did he departed ISKCON?

At the time of the India chapter of your blog, had Tirthapada already chosen to follow his own path or was he still part of ISKCON and departed in the time to follow?

lagrima | Mon, 12/21/2009 - 17:01
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He actually left/was excommunicated in March of that year and we went to support him in the temple of Srila Sridhara Maharaja,whom he loved and revered greatly and took shelter of, during this difficult transition period.
He had been restless in ISKCON for a while and began to deviate from the strict path whilst still in there.
Nonetheless,he always maintained the most important principles of all(in my opinion),such as love,gentleness,compassion and complete and utter devotion to Radha-Krishna and the holy names.

hmmm | Tue, 12/22/2009 - 15:17
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Sorry it took me so long to

Sorry it took me so long to reply,Lagrima!Only just saw this!That was the same time he left ISKON-March 1982

hmmm | Fri, 07/08/2011 - 04:34
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It always amazes me...

It always amazes me how followers dare to transpose the path of their guru after his passing away. Sometimes even prior to his passing away. It happened also with Osho, Jesus, Mohammad and many good others.

It always amazes me how people can be so dishonest with themselves on the path. I can understand dishonesty with others, but with themselves? The terrible deeds of the followers while still considering themselves spiritual is the clearest expression of their dishonesty with themselves.

It always amazes me how realized ones can maintain their compassion and love towards their followers while seeing their dishonesty and being aware of their future betrayal.

nancy pro | Mon, 12/21/2009 - 23:20
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Wise lady!

Nancy-thank you so much for your wise,insightful comments!
Personally,I have had enough of male dominated religions and organisations and feel as we move into the Aquarian age,people need to become responsible for their own spiritual development,taking guidance is fine but ultimately each of us has our own unique connection with the supreme being.Towards the end of his life,I felt my guru wanted us to be more independent and wasnt really relishing his role as a leader and all the pitfalls that come with that.

hmmm | Tue, 12/22/2009 - 15:09
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A living guru to confront us with our deceits

Katerina - I still think a spiritually-evolved guru is essential. We can be independent in our judgement but still rely on a guru and surrender to him. Using the words of nancy - we are deceivers and without a guru that will reflect it to us explicitly and not only implicitly (as the lessons of life do) based on what I see the mission will turn to be impossible.

doo | Tue, 12/22/2009 - 22:58
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God is in everyones heart..

Some people find a guru,others dont.I think the only essential ingredient is sincerity and being open to the truth,wherever it may appear.People without gurus can still be close to God and there are people with gurus who become pompous or start to believe their path is superior etc
Gods love embraces us all.

hmmm | Wed, 12/23/2009 - 21:46
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And so...

Waiting impatiently for the continuation.

Merry xmas.

john | Fri, 12/25/2009 - 23:13