Intensifying Your Spiritual Practice

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"One of the reasons we do spiritual practice
is to push our attention
beyond this sense of 'me.'

You do a little meditation,
get a little Shakti,
and you will find a little peace
without upsetting your sense of 'me' too much.

And perhaps that is enough for most.
That is perfectly fine.

But you can also intensify your spiritual practice
beyond what is comfortable.

You can increase your meditation,
and other practices,
increase the amount of Shakti,
so that you feel that energy pushing
you beyond what is comfortable for you

You can bring up the intensity
so that you are always having to surrender
yourself to this moment
in every moment.

The energy can become so strong
that you have to get out of the way
because there is no room
for both the selfish 'me' and awareness.

That is one way:
to intensify your practice
to the point where
there is no room
for this me.

Because if you really look at society,
it is built around constantly engaging the 'me;'
constantly distracting ourselves from this moment.

Because somewhere it has been recognized
that being alive in this moment is too intense
so we have created a world where we
can hide from it.

A main part of modern technology
is distracting ourselves from this moment,
entertaining us so that we never have
to realize what is here in this moment.

But when you turn the whole thing
upside down where you are completely
immersed in the moment,
when your spiritual practice & the Shakti
has become so intense
that you are forever pushed into the now,
constantly having to surrender this me
to the immense power of Shakti,
then transformation can happen very quickly.

Bliss becomes so strong
you can feel it annihilating your ego.

It's not easy,
but it's one hell of a ride.

Much love,


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