Intelligence & Thought

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Thought is always divisive. Thought arises from a point of view (identification) therefore there is only a partial view. If I were to identify with a view then I am likely to miss the point. Could Thought ever be uniting?

One has to differentiate between perception with an open mind and one rooted in the past. Past is memory out of which arises thought. Mind which hangs on to the past is strongly influenced by belief. Words and dictum become important and one is ready to lay down life to defend it.

Intelligence can see the unity of things for it is New and fresh and is not contaminated by past. It could also be called impartial reason. False is false whereas there could be gradation of truth in false. Darkness is absence of light whereas there could be gradations of luminosity. Intelligence can use thought but not the other way round.

Past is a passive force (thought) and the other active (intelligence) Intelligence responds to the challenge with help of thought in the sense it uses skill to act. Given below is a passage from Mishkat Al Anwar.

“The Real Light is Allâh; and the name "light" is otherwise only predicated metaphorically and conveys no real meaning. To explain this theme: you must know that the word light is employed with a threefold signification: the first [p. 4] by the Many, the second by the Few, the third by the Fewest of the Few. Then you must know the various grades of light that relate to the two latter classes, and the degrees of the reality appertaining to these grades, in order that it may be disclosed to you, as these grades become clear, that ALLAH is the highest and the ultimate Light: and further, as the reality appertaining to each grade is revealed, that Allâh alone is the Real, the True Light, and beside Him there is no light at all.”