Intelligence & Observer

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Insight, intelligence or clarity may be a redeeming feature but the difficulty is in accessing it. Though being an integral part of our psyche it remains for the most part inaccessible or covered. Ins't it bizarre that we hold two extreme views one being that man is a Rational animal or has a pure Soul (Atman) to the other that we are fallen and lost Souls. Both beg the question that if he was already rational then why this mess or if he is lost then is there any hope, leaving aside certain theological assertions of a redemption in afterlife.

These opposing and many other points of view that fall in between only show how difficult it is to look at our psyche for unlike physical objects and in line with theory of uncertainty in quantum physics the observer affects the observation. How on earth do we then have a chance of knowing the truth for ourselves. It could also be stated as to how the Observer (I) looking at its own psyche not affect the observation.

There are two ways one is to look as if there no Observer and the other is to look at the Observer himself. The former is the path of Awareness wherein the Observer maintains neutrality and the other is of Enquiry as to the nature of Observer. There can be no ready made answers that can be provided from outside as opinions are dime a dozen and only confuse. Looking at the computation methods we know that two factors yes and no (1& 0 in binary) can do many complex calculations. If we could somehow add a neutral illumination to these we would get Intelligence.