Intelligence & Daily life

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In my previous blog i had written about intelligence and freedom. Now having gone sufficiently into this question in one of the topics i discussed in the forum, one would be curious about how can it come about?

It is a matter of how we apply ourselves in our day to day life. Efficient action in daily life promotes intelligence. By efficiency is meant actions that do not produce or promote conflict.

Another facet of efficient action is that we do not spend more energy than what is required for a given work. Examples of this are found in both psychical & mental work.

Once Shivapuri baba asked his disciple to get flowers for him. Those who know the life story of this marvelous Yogi would know that he was a very austere person & would have asked this from the disciple for some special reason. Now the disciple was eager to serve his master and got a rather large bunch of flowers from the market. Baba pointed it out to him that he was not careful enough in getting these flowers. He had not thought about how much to get and where he would place them. He did not care to find out the purpose for which they were meant. With this simple example baba taught the necessity of due diligence in performance of our tasks.

So diligence and efficiency in our daily life brings about intelligence.