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The quality that distinguishes Humans from animals is Intelligence. Animals exhibit a high degree of innate intelligence which we term as instinct, yet it is given only to man to have the conscious intelligence which he is born with in form of a seed (potential) and could develop it through labour & sacrifice. It has to be understood fully that intelligence which in right measure is the quality of an evolved soul is a luxury and in no way a necessity for worldly existence.

Now the question is- How could we Develop it? If we are logical or theistic we could safely say that the necessary conditions for its development are those in which we find ourselves. Yet it is we who have to make a choice out of our own free will and no one will thrust it on us save the compassionate law of Karma which ensures that souls develop or evolve though it may be at less than a snails pace.

Only evolution that is worth its name is a conscious choice that we make when we decide to make sense out of this maddening world experience or that we are discontented in reality and do not want to change objects or methods of enjoyment but want to seek a way out of the humdrum of daily life that we are caught in.

So the first school or lessons in sharpening our intelligence lie through the life that we are caught in. Escape is not a solution for without understanding sorrow or problems of living there can be no wisdom. Yet strangely we busy ourselves with so called spiritual matters and go into a dream world which gives us a false assurance that we have mastered the problems of living and either land up being a lunatic or wake up to lament the loss of valuable time.

Taking up spiritual pursuit gives us no privilege but asks of us greater labour and sacrifice. "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be that find it". (Matthew 7:14)