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Many a time I am confused and confounded. What is life and its purpose? What is death? Who dies? Who am I?

Is life really hapless? Life really meaningless? All flora and fauna, exists, breed and die. Human beings too!!!Human Beings, supposedly the fountain head of evolution, still exist similar to any other species. Am I just a ‘dignified’ fauna?

As far as I can figure out, I did not ask for this life. At least did not have any say in my birth. And the worst part, when and how this existence will end is uncertain, is not in my control.

I feel like a dry leaf tossed about by the storm, having no control at all. (So much for the ‘intelligent’ Homo sapiens!!).

Who am I? Is the most tormenting question.

“Be still and know”. “Go to the thoughtless state.” All these appear to me,something easier said than done.

Or, is there something, which I am missing to see? Is there some kind of method in this madness? Where and what is the Crux of life?

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It comes Spontaneously.....

“Be still and know. Go to the thoughtless state. All these appear to me,something easier said than done...."

It is true...easy to say and difficult to attain...!!!

It comes Spontaneously...without knowing...when you leave other thoughts(worldly) side by...when they are no more important to you.

To me...there is no madness in the method...MADNESS is in our Worldly Desires...which is never ending...and don't allow us to remain in OUR NATURAL STATE!!!!!!!!!

bonya basu | Fri, 04/13/2012 - 04:55