An Integral Approach to Overcome Harmful Emotions

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The emotive field is the sea in which we swim every moment. Even the perception of a color, a sound, a physical sensation , is possible by the emotive. What is ordinarily labeled under this name, is only the surface of a deeper ocean, a momentary oscillation which manifests itself in the superficial levels of the emotional plane.
Today we can find on the vast “spiritual” and “psychological” market, various techniques, more or less ,or definitively not efficient. In the Western countries in the last century, many methods have been produced, in which the aim is to remove the emotional barriers and to achieve a control of the negative emotions.
In any case, we have to remember that a human being is a very complex, structured being. Namely, a human being is composed of a physical body, an intellect, and emotions. Each of these parts interact with one another.
Intellect with its dual conception, rigidly fixed by convictions and conditionings, constantly influences emotions. The body also influences emotions, though not as much as the intellect does: for example, the dysfunction of a physical organ can change totally and radically, the emotional state of a person.
Body, mind, and emotions are deeply connected, and it is practically impossible to achieve a permanent balance of one of them without working on all three fields at the same time. If we want to overcome a fear, a phobia, a sense of insecurity, it is not enough to try to control the emotions. To achieve this aim, a deep process of conversion of the intellectual and emotional field is necessary, with the purpose of transforming the deep-rooted unconscious habits which drive us to perceive life in terms of danger.
Almost all the psychological and development systems created to remove emotional blocks and mental problems, have a limited effect, both in terms of intensity and time, and they leave the real source of these problems untouched. That is the reason of why, if we want an effective and permanent self-transformation intended for self-development, we have to opt for an integral approach which must involve in our work, the body, the intellect, and the emotions at the same time. A work of impartial self-observation is a very effective tool. On this blog, we have shared some examples of how to begin a work on self-observation, and all of them give the possibility to approach the problem in an integral way at the same moment when the problem arises.
Even meditation is a good tool, but only if it is put in a concrete, well-structured system for the understanding of the Universal Laws which govern our life, without which knowing it , is impossible to overcome the harmful emotional baggage we bring along every moment of our lives.