Instinct and Consciousness

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Self observation is an important tool to understand the causes of our reaction and complexes which take up so much of our energy and cause conflict and untold misery. An important principal of observation is that it needs to be done by establishing a co-relation between the data as experience stored in our memory or the result of our observations in the present which are direct without the imagination or confusion and the outer. Let me explain this with examples as I go along.

The three basic principals which emanate from instinct of survival & have a hidden influence all through our life are:

a) Desire of Security.
b) Herd instinct.
c) Fear

Desire for Security. This is very important for a child who feels vulnerable and it’s a continuation of the same drive that we see in animals. In the body it relates to food or the digestive tract & alimentary canal. In the psyche we could call it the influence of our Mother. In tradition it can be traced to the earth element (force). It can be said to the remnant of reptilian brain and can be symbolized as alligator or astrologically the Zodiac Scorpio.

Herd instinct. We all want to be part of the herd (society). Besides enhancing the sense of security it enriches our life in many ways. It is related to our circulatory system (blood & air). In the psyche it can be traced to the Father. In tradition it can be traced to element water (force). It can be said to the remnant of mammalian brain and can be symbolized as tiger or astrologically the Zodiac Leo.

Fear. This develops our adaptation skills and is related to our instinct of fight or flight. It is related to the central nervous system and element Fire (force). It is another instinct that pervades all our decisions knowingly or un-knowingly. It can be said to the remnant of ancestral ego and can be symbolized as Grandfather or ancestors & astrologically the Zodiac Sagittarius (Jupiter).

Now these very instincts develop to a conscious level and are transformed to the three Principals of our Conscious content. They are:

a) Development of Identity or Ego.
b) Interdependence or Relationships.
c) Sex.

Development of Identity or Ego. This is a very ingenious way in which we try to solve the problem of Security and hope of Immortality. In the body it relates to Brain or intellectual consciousness which tries to dominate everything in an adult. In tradition it can be traced to the space element (force). To our intellectual consciousness the element Space presents itself as Time past & present (experience). In our psyche it is the function of a patriarchal society.

Interdependence or Relationships. We all want to be find our place in society. Majority of stress are related to this. Our relationships define us in a way and we feel fullness or the lack dependent on our success & failure in relationships. It is related to our Heart and to element Air (force). ). In our psyche it is the function of a matriarchal society.

Sex. It is another pole of our psyche which is related to both the search of our Identity & relationships. This relates to the Divine waters spoken of in scriptures and the most potent force available to us for creation.

All the content of our Consciousness is the permutation and combination of these six constituents. Their cyclic nature gives us a sense of permanence and stability. The flip side is that it becomes our prison too. Besides all forces have a negative element. They are all well known to us in form of Greed, Desire, Anger, Hate or Jealousy and Egoism or Vanity and self love.

Having an Insight into all this is to break open the prison wall.

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Stay desireless and fearless

..remembering words of guru (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj), "Stay desireless and fearless. Stabilize in IAMNESS."

Sincerely, Dhani

dhani_w | Thu, 03/01/2012 - 06:31