Instantaneous Awakening

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I have been reading the 'Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening', as taught by Zen Master Hui Hai. It's amazing that these teachings convey the same truth as the teachings of my Advaita teacher. Essentally, we begin to realize that the mind is the great deceiver by creating a false person (ego) that we believe that we are. This false person is the source of all of our misery, forever wanting "more".

By realizing this ego person does not truly exist, it vanishes. What remains is That which we have been all the time; the eternal Presence, Awareness, Creative Consciousness, bliss, love and peace.

When turning away from the imagined person created by the mind, and turn inward, only that Self remains. Only the Self is who we are. We realize that this form of a human body will decay and die, but the One Supreme Consciousness lives forever as bliss, love and peace. You are That.

This little book is well translated in English by John Blofeld. The ISBN number is 978-0-946672-03-5. It affirms what we all learn in a dedicated meditation practice; that once the false person ego is realized to be nothing more than thoughts and that it does not really exist, we see that we are the Self. This Self is within all people, animals, plants, etc. It is life energy. It has always been "you" pretending to be a character in this play we call life.

This is Self-Realization. This is Deliverance. This is Liberation. It is for you now, in this lifetime, not in some time in the future.


Harmony in reading

All the religions of the world (genuine religions) have been variations/forms/expressions only of the One Religion(The Eternal). Because there is only one Religion in reality (ref. to Vipashyana and Religion expressed in Vedas) so the true learners find out harmony among other religions and through their literature and also through their experience.

Learner is that who may seek harmony in variations and you have sought this affinity, amity, good-will as well as unity in your reading. The expression given by you have the nice indication towards non-duality (the Eternal).

NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 07/31/2010 - 17:02