The Inner Teacher ~

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Most people think that a Spiritual Teacher is a person outside you. this is not necessarily the case.The ultimate Teacher is TRUTH,or who you are in your essence,so you already have a Teacher inside YOU.Everyone does.You are your own Teacher.

Teacher is an external authority, which is not true.

Because the Teacher is who you essentially are already,what you are doing on the Spiritual Path is tapping into your True Nature and allowing it to bcome CONSCIOUS of itself through your person.The External Teacher is that aspect of it that appears externally.And because your essence is one without a second,it can be an authority over you,just as a hand cannot grasp itself.

The authority of the Teacher is to invite you to become CONSCIOUS of who you actully are,or what CONSCIOUSNESS really is.All you have to do is listen.

Teaching by James Wood

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It stay permanetly with us

Bonyaji yes very true.
Inner teacher is best among all teacher.
For it you have to not depend on other .
No one can stolen it.
It stay permanently with us up to our last breath in this world without giving any sad back without any expectation.

Trilok | Fri, 08/27/2010 - 11:35