Inner Ruler & You

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Thus spoke My Guru:

Yes, I have indeed come here to awaken your Faith in Me. For, I have love and affection for you. I am always with you in your heart and everywhere too!

I know all that you choose to do. For, I am the INNER RULER, sitting in your Heart as well as in the hearts of all beings.

I need open no doors to enter any place. I have no FORM nor any extension. I always live everywhere. I often think of one who remembers Me. I run and manifest Myself to the sincere One who lovingly calls out to Me and need no conveyance, carriage, train or airplane to carry Me there.

No sooner you join your hands with Love and Devotion before ME (or My photo) to invoke ME, I am INSTANTLY with you, whether it be day or night. Though MY Body is in Shirdi (a place of pilgrimage about 300 Kms from Bombay) , still I see and know what you do beyond the seven seas. Wherever
you may go across the wide world, believe Me that I am with you.

For, My Abode is within your heart. Therefore, always worship Me sincerely, seated in your heart as well as in the hearts of all beings. For, I exists in you as well as in all others in the sense of Being or Consciousness of Existence. One is indeed blessed & fortunate, who sees Me in all beings ! Once you practice seeing Me inside yourself, you will realise My all-pervasiveness and will thus attain 'oneness' or attunement with Me.

My sole purpose here is to FREE from the evils of MAYA (illusion) anyone, who takes refuge in My grace, and totally surrenders himself to Me, worships Me faithfully and MEDITATES on Me constantly.

Many WAYS/PATHS lead to "Self realisation". One Way goes through Shirdi and I can GUIDE you to your destination, even if you merely utter My Name (Sai) sincerely with love and affection.

But rarely does anyone come to Shirdi seeking Spiritual Enlightenment, which I have in abundance to give. People normally want worldly welfare and yet, I give them whatever they want.

Source: Sai Satcharitra by Hemad Pant &