Inner Journey

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Inner journey is an amazing internal travel of one self to introspect him/herself. Now the question is, why it is needed?. Because peace is everyone's right choice and it is to be found within. But,The creation or the existence, which is an outward travel where the body and mind is looking for peace.Can we find peace here?.
the answer is obviously no, so there is another dimension to look beyond physicality, that is the inner journey. what do you want to do with this inner journey again depends upon the level of finding the truth. Mind is the thought factory and and what ever comes from the mind will stop at physical level. But when we try to cross the physical dimension then we will definitely be looking for is there any thing that can be used as vehicle to carryout the inner journey to know the truth.
All the invented things won't work when we need an internal travel. Every one has to find his/her vehicle off to travel into the deep levels of internal world, like a space craft that lifts off with payloads to acquire the ground object.

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Happiness and peace not comes from external world. It is already available within you. If you wish to achieve it, listen a voice of your soul.

jayantkumar dhruv | Fri, 05/31/2013 - 05:38
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The inner journey, the

The inner journey, the spiritual journey, is basically something that provides the seeker with a pleasure, with excitement, the same way sex and food provide pleasure. The desire for that pleasure pushes the seeker to investigate and develop spiritually. But ultimately, the seeker must give up even that desire too, like he did with all other desires. A desire is a desire.

not_me | Fri, 05/31/2013 - 06:05