Inner & Outer

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A certain amount of preparedness is essential to assimilate Vedantic truths. In my opinion this is true of any spiritual path. This can be understood through the symbolism of coconut.

The coconut resembles the human head in many ways - the coir outside resembles the human's tuft of hair, the hard nut the skull, the water inside the blood and the kernel is akin to the mental space. Another interpretation equated the outer shell to the human being's gross physical body and the kernel to the subtle body.

There is a separation between the inner kernel and outer shell of coconut when it’s ripe. In our case the separation of the inner and outer being does not take place automatically but is a result of conscious or unconscious struggle often taking a well defined spiritual path.

It would be more appropriate to say that (as if) man does not have an inner and he is influenced by outer events and happenings though he does internalise the outward conflicts. In fact it is like the ebb and flow of tide one shaping and influencing the other. It is only by skeptical enquiry with all humility that he can work on contradictions and undigested mental stuff and create for himself an inner which can stand alone and not be so easily influenced by outer events but has a possibility to influence them in a way that are not a repeat of social conditioning.

This inner is made out of rejection and the resulting struggle with the outer. Barring exception it is a long drawn out process requiring patience and delay in gratification. Any easy fix or a definite outline cannot be laid as it has to be an individual inner journey. Whatever the struggles be the reward couldn't be greater for it brings with it an air of freshness and freedom that we all long for.