Influence of Thought

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Just as every action that emanates from us comes back to us as reaction, even so our actions may act on other person and theirs on us. Perhaps all of you have observed it as fact that when persons do evil actions, they become more and more evil and when they begin to do good, they become stronger and stronger and learn to do good at all times. This intensification of the influence of action cannot be explained on any other ground than that we can act and react upon each other. To take an illustration from physical science, when I am doing a certain action, my mind may be said to be in a certain state of vibration; all minds which are in similar circumstances will have the tendency to be affected by my mind. If there are different musical instruments tuned alike in one room, all of you may have noticed that when one is struck, the others have the tendency to vibrate so as to give the same note. So all minds that have the same tension, so to say, will be equally affected by same thought. Ofcourse, this influence of thought on mind will vary according to distance and other causes, but the mind is always open is affection. Suppose I am doing an evil act, my mind is in a certain state of vibration, and all minds in universe, which are in similar state, have possibility of being affected by vibration of mind. so, when I am doing a good action, my mind is in another state of vibration; and all minds similarly strung have the possibility of being affected by my mind; and this power of mind upon mind is more or less according as the force of tension is greater or less.

Following this simile further, it is quite possible that, just as light waves may travel for million of years before they reach any object, so thought waves may also travel hundreds of years before they meet an object with which they vibrate in unison. It is quite possible, therefore, that this atmosphere of ours is full of such thought pulsations, both good and evil. Every thought projected from every brain goes on pulsation, as it were until it meets a fit object that will receive it. Any mind which is open to receive some of these impulses will take them immediately. So, when a man is doing evil actions, he has brought his mind to a certain state of tension and all the waves which correspond to that state of tension, and which may be said to be already in the atmosphere, will struggle to enter into his mind. That is why an evil-doer generally goes on doing more and more evil. His actions become intensified. such also will be the case with doer of good, he will open himself to all the good waves that are in the atmosphere, and his good actions will also become intensified. We run, therefore, a twofold danger in doing evil: first we open ourselves to all evil influences surrounding us; secondly, we create evil which affects others, may b hundreds of years hence. In doing evil we injure ourselves and others also. In doing good we do good to ourselves and to others as well and like all other forces in man, these forces of good and evil also gather strength from outside.

Fill yourself with the idea; whatever you do, think well on it. All your actions will magnified, transformed, deified, by the very power of thought. If the matter is powerful, thought is omnipotent. Bring this thought to bear upon your life, fill yourselves with the thought of your almightiness, your majesty and your glory. Would to god no superstitions had been put into your head! Would to god we had not been surrounded from our birth by all these superstitions influences and paralysing ideas of our weakness and vileness! Would to god that mankind had had an easier path through which to attain to the noblest and highest truths! But man had to pass through all this; do not make the path more difficult for those who are coming after you.