The Infinite Peace of Nothingness

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"If you throw a rock
at something solid,
that solid thing will be damaged,
it will be hurt.

But if you throw a rock at air,
the air is not damaged nor hurt.
The air is unchanging.

if you realize your true nature
of nothingness,
that nothingness is unchanging.
The peace that is that nothingness
is unchanging.

Nothing can hurt it,
nothing can damage it.

It is beyond all form.

It is only when you are identified
with being a separate solid something,
that you feel hurt,
that you feel damaged.

And that is the nature
of being a person.
A person can be hurt,
a person is vulnerable.
That is the way it is supposed to be.

You cannot make the person bullet proof.

But you can accept
your own vulnerability.

If you can allow this person to be
completely as it is
with all of its pains and hurts and damages,
then separation can dissolve
and you can realize
the essence of what you are.

It is only when you try and protect
this sense of 'me'
through maintaining you are right,
through arrogance, violence, bitterness
escaping the moment, putting others down,
building yourself up,
that life becomes a hell.
Because in this resistance,
you have separated yourself from life.

But when you allow this person
to be completely open and vulnerable to life,
then that appearance of solidity dissolves.

You drop right through this idea of yourself
into pure consciousness.

That is when you become air,
you realize you are the nothingness
that is pure peace.

And this peace that you are
is always here,
always present.

Then it is simply a matter
of keeping your attention
in this peace, in this nothingness.

Accepting your own mortality
can help you realize
that which you are which is immortal.

Much love,


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