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COURAGE, “Ineffable Courage.”

No amount of brains or brawn
can allow an Observer to go beyond reality
because reality's laws and values
locks the Observer into reality.

Nothing can go beyond reality
but COURAGE: “ineffable-courage” can vanish it
like a Black Hole.

Courage is “ineffable” when it recklessly tramples
ALL the laws and values of reality –
NOT for some duality of good or evil –
but tramples all the laws and values of reality
simply to vanish them all: like good and evil.

As COURAGE tramples reality's laws and values
they start to vanish .. this vanishing of dualities

Spirituality's OBSERVER can observe
what is ineffable/unimaginable in reality.

Just like an astronomer can observe all-matter, stars and even galaxies
vanish into a Black Hole,
so too Spirituality's OBSERVER observes
all values and laws vanish into the BLACK-HOLE
that reality needs to appear rock-solid, safe and secure inside.

This BLACK-HOLE is Self, Samadhi, Kundalini
the ONE that thoughts make NONE, NOW.

– Really, Really; REALLY.