Impure Vs Pure devotion to God

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Impure Vs Pure devotion to God

The devotion of demons shows wonderful depth and intensity.

Ravana cuts all his heads and offers as flowers to the lotus feet of the Lord. Kannappa, the devoted hunter plucks his eyes to be offered to God. One can be alive without eyes, but not without head. Hence, Ravana should be a greater devotee than Kannappa. But, the truth is otherwise. Ravana cannot stand even at the feet of Kannappa. The reason is that Kannappa plucked his eyes without any aspiration in return. Ravana offered his heads to please God in order to get some selfish boons. The sacrifice of Ravana is far high than the sacrifice of Kannappa. But, the devotion of Ravana is impure and the devotion of Kannappa is pure. Arjuna used God in his service. But, Hanuman used himself in the service of God. God is pleased with Hanuman and therefore Hanuman is having several temples in which he is worshipped as God. There is no single temple for Arjuna, who is never worshipped as God. Arjuna worshipped God for his selfish victory. Hanuman worshipped God by participating in the war for the victory of God.

A begger devotee Vs a real devotee

I say that God is not pleased with the size of service and corresponding intensity of devotion. He is pleased only with the purity of the service, which is nothing but lack of any desire to be fulfilled with the help of God.

This single aspect is the life of your entire effort to please God. From millions of births, the human being is so much involved in the fulfillment of his personal aspiration, that even the bones of the human being after death, shall ask for the fulfillment of some personal desire, if an opportunity is granted.

Shiridi Sai Baba told that after His death the bones of His body will speak and clarify the doubts of devotees. This is true, because He was spiritual preacher from millions of births and hence even His bones have the habit of answering the doubts. Similarly, any human being is a beggar for the fulfillment of personal desires and therefore the bones of any human being after death shall ask for the fulfillment of some desire. Buddha, the human incarnation of God, concentrated on this single aspect of destroying the desire. Gita also preaches Nishkama karmayoga only, which means doing the service without any personal desire. If this one aspect is achieved, all the spiritual effort ends. Without this achievement, there is no need of any type of service, which is always impregnated with the impurity of fulfillment of selfish desire. Due to the desire, even the practical service becomes useless.

In such case, there is no need of speaking about efforts like penance, meditation, recitation of prayers etc., which are not even the practical service. First, you must leave all these theoretical services, which are the cleaver tricks of selfish and miser intellectual devotees trying to fool God. Then, you must come to the line of practical service and practical sacrifice. Then, you must clean your practical service by eradicating the aspiration for fulfillment of any selfish desire. This is the essence of all the scriptures and without achieving success in this aspect, God cannot be pleased by any trick since God is omniscient.

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purity is in your mind only

There is no pure or impure, real devotee or beggar devotee except of in your mind. When you will have enough courage to stop reciting old templates of religious scriptures and go purely with the voice in your heart and less with words, you will immediately discover the light of spirituality devoid of segmentations and differentiation.

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Psychological Treatment of Patients by Advaita’

Psychological Treatment of Patients by Advaita’

Apart from the above essential good aspect, another good aspect is to remove the strain of tensions and to introduce perfect detachment and confidence in the case of general public. Everybody was strained by the mental tension, which is the result of continuous thoughts. When the thoughtless awareness is set to be God, everybody tried to enter this state of awareness without thoughts. This gives perfect rest to mind and mental strain is removed. Everybody gets attracted because such a state is the absolute God and you also become God by such state!

By keeping yourself in such state, you become God and you need not crave for worldly things.
By becoming God, you need not aspire for anything because you have attained everything.
This leads to the detachment from the worldly things and avoids lot of sin in the society.
This also gives full confidence and full satisfaction to the self because you have become the highest omnipotent God!

All this is the psychological treatment for the mental patients and every human being is a psychic patient in reality. Shankara, the human incarnation of God is the psychiatrist, who came down to cure His children from the mental illness. Most of the people follow Advaita Philosophy for these good benefits only and we need not condemn this philosophy in the view of establishment of truth and spoil these good benefits given by Shankara to the society. But, once the human being is cured from these mental defects, the truth must be established so that it can progress in the true spiritual path to attain the ultimate grace of God.

You must distinguish the mental patients attracted by the Advaita Philosophy from the greedy lot of human beings to become the highest God resulting in egoistic demons. We should sympathize the first group and not reveal the truth. You must open the truth to the second group and rectify them.
At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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