Important of spiritulity

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Importance of spirituality
Nowadays we can see that our life is very fast and a fast going life style is gradually conquering us. It is because of the society is continuously developing with the help of lots of technologies, industries etc. As a person living in such a society he is forced to adjust his life. Actually we are not living life but running behind something. We are in hurry to build up a good life. For that we need money, job, house, education and all other facilities. Can we think about a life without these? No!!

Of course we have to acquire all these facilities to live decently. But there is an important question which should be asked by ourselves, and we have to get an answer for that question. "Are we satisfied with all these facilities and this life? "You may say "yes". But from the deep inside of your mind, your answer will be "no". Many of the people say they can’t find enough happiness even though they are having all. They complain they can’t enjoy the real peace and happiness of life.

Why? The answer is lack of spirituality.
It is not very easy to define spirituality and the influence of spirituality in life. But it is proved that spirituality is must!? Living life by enjoying its real peace and happiness is important. It cannot be achieved by having money or job. Whatever you have, your satisfaction is important.

How can be satisfied? We have to know about our life and its existence in this earth. Who gave us this life? Who is giving all these blessings to us? We can’t reject a presence of an invisible power. Thinking deeply about this you may be astonished. A small part of that invisible power is remaining with us. Realizing such facts may inspire you. That will help you to face all the failures and success equally. Gradually the dissatisfaction will go away from you.

We call this strength as God. Prayer, meditation etc are very good ways to get peace. By doing so we are adding a spiritual power to our life. It will never be a waste or useless work, but it can make tremendous change in our life because life will not be always smooth as we expect. Spiritual knowledge helps us to keep our mental balance.