The Importance of Surrender in Meditation

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"Meditation techniques & spiritual practices
are extremely important
but do not necessarily
take you directly into meditation.

They might, they might not.

For many,
practices take them to frustration.

You might find that no matter
how focused you are on the practice,
you feel further and further away from peace.

And eventually that frustration turns to despair.

And if you are really blessed,
you surrender to that despair.

You surrender to your own longing for peace
and your despair in not achieving it.

And in surrendering to the despair,
meditation happens.

You have finally gotten out of the way
so that meditation can happen.

That does not mean you should not practice.
It just means you get to a certain point
where meditation takes over.

The very idea that you can do meditation
keeps you from meditation.

But in order to get to that point,
you have to practice;
you have to make an effort.

You make an effort until
you see effort is futile
like your wheels are spinning
a hundred miles an hour
but you aren't moving an inch.

Then you see how useless your ego is;
how useless it is to believe
that you can do meditation.

And when you surrender that doer
that has failed miserably,
then what is left is meditation.

If you try and take a shortcut
by never doing any practice
and just believing you are not the doer;
that you are already consciousness,
then you most likely end up in a
conceptual understanding of meditation
which is worst than not meditating at all.

Because that conceptual understanding
can keep you from meditation.

And also,
it is not that you do practice to a certain point
and then give up all practice
and meditation takes over.

It is that meditation takes over
and then the practices themselves
become infused with meditation.

You have a new realization of practices.
They become a direct link to meditation.

Much love,


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