The importance of spiritual preacher

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Smt. Uma Ramanath asked about the importance of spiritual preacher (Guru).

Swami gave the following reply:
A lecturer in Government College will teach you the syllabus and at the same time acts as the invigilator, valuer of the paper etc. and finally you are getting a valued degree from the college. Similarly, the Lord acting as Guru preaches the spiritual knowledge, guides you practically, tests your knowledge in practice and finally gives you the suitable divine fruit. A teacher conducting tuition home is just teaching you and is not connected to the examination, degree etc. Similarly, a human being acting as Guru preaches you the spiritual knowledge and not concerned with your practice and its fruit. The human guru may be able to deliver the knowledge of Satguru (Lord acting as Guru) as it is, but cannot clarify your doubts in the practical field as effectively as Satguru does.

If you are hearing the speech through a tape recorder, the clarification of doubts is not possible. Even in the speech, some parts may not be clear to you due to the defects in your grasping power only. The human guru serves as a messenger of the Lord only. He is just like a postman. Therefore, the guru you referred in the Sanskrit verse uttered by you means only Satguru. However, Satguru is not frequently available. Still the Lord will clarify your doubts through some body since the Lord has the super power. Therefore, you need not worry that your doubts will be remaining without clarification in the absence of Satguru. The Lord is always ready to explain your doubts either directly or indirectly. If you deserve to go to the upper level, you will certainly rise to the upper level by the direct or indirect guidance of God. However, if you are not capable of rising to the higher level, what is the use of even meeting Satguru directly? Therefore, you should not worry about the availability of Satguru. You should worry only about your spiritual progress to rise to the higher level and you must concentrate on removing the hurdles in your spiritual progress. If you are a tenth class candidate and even if you meet the president of the country, he can give you only the post of a peon.

If you have passed I.A.S examination, the appointment order for the post of District Collector comes to your home. Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa told that one need not search for Guru. God will send Gurus of various levels as and when you reach those levels. When you are ripened, Satguru will contact you at once. You may miss Satguru in your search. But Satguru will not miss you when the proper time comes. Satguru cannot do any good to any undeserving fellow. For the sake of majority, Satguru will not come down because He is not bothered about the fame. Krishna preached hundred Kauravas but of no use. Only the five Pandavas followed Krishna as their Satguru. Sakuni could become Satguru for Kauravas. But finally both the Sakuni and Kauravas were destroyed. A teacher in bogus institution gets you a bogus degree which has no value at all. Therefore, the Lord as Satguru and devotee of the Lord as a human guru are good. But the fraud Guru will destroy himself and yourself. It is better to confine to your family if you are not getting Satguru but you should be never trapped by a fraud Guru.

Satguru is the Lord in the human form. You should not see the external human form and should view the Lord only in Him. In the case of human guru, there is no Lord in him but you can treat the external human form as the possessor of power of God. In the first case you should understand the Lord as Guru and in the second case you should understand the Guru as the Lord. There is a difference between God as Guru and Guru as God. Your husband says “Guru Deva Datta” whenever he speaks to Me. The word Guru Deva has two meanings as per the Sanskrit Grammar. In one meaning God is treated as Guru and in the second meaning the Guru is treated as God. There is difference between these two meanings. The second word “Datta” clarifies that the first word is used strictly in the first sense only. Datta means God given to you in human form for the sake of your guidance. Guidance should be essential for your practice. Even clarification of your theoretical doubts should lead you to practice. Unless theory is clear practice cannot start. If there is no practice the entire theory is waste. If the theory is perfect, the practice is spontaneous. Therefore, the clarity in the theory and clarification of your doubts is very very important. Without understanding this, people mock at theory and stress on practice. Without complete and perfect theory, the practice cannot begin. Sometimes people practice due to fear or due to ambition for fulfilling the desires. The Satguru will never base on these two paths of fear and ambition. The false Guru exploits the people using either fear or ambition or both for some selfish gain like money, fame etc. But the followers are utterly deceived because such practice is not giving any good and complete fruit.

Satguru leads you to goal without any long time and deep strain. Suppose you have a bad quality like rigidity. Due to the same quality Duryodhana went to hell and Gopikas went to highest divine abode. In the first case rigidity was applied to worldly affairs (Pravrutti). In the second case the same quality is applied to the spiritual line (Nivrutti). A Satguru will direct your existing bad qualities to the spiritual line and will see that you will use those qualities positively for your real welfare. An ordinary human being acting as Guru will advise you to come to the spiritual line after removing bad qualities. The innocent and ignorant Guru does not know that millions of births are required even to shake a bad quality which was accumulated form the beginning of creation.

This is the difference between a Satguru and human Guru. Satguru generates the divine knowledge. The human guru carries on