The Importance of Spending Time Alone for Enlightenment

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"It is good to spend
an extended period of time alone
if you are able.

When you are alone
and not distracting yourself
with social media, emails or phone;
when you give yourself the time
to live simply without a lot of stimulation,
then you can really move deeply
into silence.

At first there maybe the craving
for company or stimulation.
But if you surrender
those cravings when they arise,
which means you let go
of your attachment to them
and surrender your attention
back into silence,
then silence begins to consume you.

Silence begins to permeate you.

If you are around people,
then there is an identity
that is created of you.

People think of you in a certain way,
you think of yourself in a certain way
and so there is that unconscious drive
to be that person.

You are always taking on
other people's vibrations.

But when you are alone,
you do not have to be a person,
you do not have to maintain an identity.

And that is scary for many people,
to let yourself just fall into silence;
to not have to be a person.

But I think those that do
spend a lot of time alone
discover something very sacred and pure.

If you are alone,
it is just your thoughts that are there.
And when you begin to surrender your thoughts,
then what is here?

You become transparent.
There is the wind in the trees
and there is only that.
You are walking
and there is only that.

You do not need to eat so much,
do so much,
be entertained.

There is just the purity of presence,
of being alive
which is harder to feel when
you are constantly stimulated
by outward things.

Even a little bit of time by yourself
in a quiet room is important.

Where outward seeking and stimulation
are removed
and you can just be with yourself.

You can let this experience of you
unravel and untangle itself
until you are completely undone
and only presence is left.

And if you can't be alone,
just close your eyes
and sink into that same aloneness
within yourself.

Much love,


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It is indeed important to

It is indeed important to spend time alone, it may be even beneficial spiritually (for most people) but it has nothing to do with enlightenment. Unfortunately, enlightenment is not gymnastics, it's not a product of exercise or desire. Selling an approach or a suggestion as a means for enlightenment does a bad service to enlightenment and to the approach itself, and above all does a bad service to the readers and ultimately also to the one who wrote it.

solo | Thu, 02/13/2014 - 09:05
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To Solo

The writings come out of my own realization of this truth. There is no bad service in it. Those that resonate with it will find it helpful. Those that are invested in arrogance and negativity like yourself, don't.

blissmusic | Thu, 02/20/2014 - 03:06
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I understand your rage when

I understand your rage when your precious words are criticized, especially when they are part of what you are making your identity and living of and are part of your wish that people will follow the link you are putting beneath them (though I would expect some other attitude from someone who claims he "realized the truth" ;-).

You didn't address at all the clear concern I raised and instead preferred to return to yourself and to ignore the possible harm to others (the fact that you contemplated a text doesn't mean that it's true regardless of what you think about yourself) and the fact that there are people who will resonate with it means nothing (there will always be people who will resonate with anything, there were even people who resonated with the words of Hitler and Mussolini and they were a lot by the way, so what?).

I'm taking the effort to respond truly for your own benefit. Try to overcome the ego and rage and see truly into yourself. The arrogance and negativity we see in others, by definition, is a reflection of ourselves, as demonstrated in your last sentence.

solo | Thu, 02/20/2014 - 09:18
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very articulate Solo

Solo, your comments are very intellectually articulate. You are a great debater. You say all the right spiritual things. But you are not saying this to help me, you are saying this to be superior. You are just hiding behind your spiritual knowledge.

I don't address your "concerns" because they are just judgments. Very negative judgments at that. Although you are most welcome to your spiritual beliefs, knowledge and opinions, I place no importance on them. I do not even place importance on my own.

I am dedicated to this peace in my heart and that is what I follow. Out of this peace teachings come. Some may feel this peace from me and some may not. Some may get something out of my teachings and some may not. But my dedication is to this peace.

But if you did have peace in your heart, Solo, you would not be imposing your judgments on others. If you felt this peace, you would be dedicated to that peace and sharing that peace and not be concerned about other teachings.

And I say to everyone that reads this, follow whatever path or practices awaken peace in you heart, that feel good on the inside. Don't be fooled by intellectual debate. There is no peace in that. Knowledge can be used to help you awaken peace, but it should not be used to feel superior.

I am sure, Solo you will have some more judgments and knowledge to put me down in order to "help me." You may go to great lengths to put me down so you can feel right but be truthful, it is not helping anyone but your own ego.

blissmusic | Thu, 02/20/2014 - 20:02