Importance of Satguru or Lord in Human form

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Importance of Satguru or Lord in Human form

A devotee asked about the importance of Satguru.

Swami replied:

Satguru is needed for the correct guidance in the spiritual path, which is eternal. For temporary worldly affairs there is no need of Satguru. The animals, birds etc., do not require Satguru. They are constantly concentrating on the needs of the body and the needs of their issues only and are never aware of God. The human beings, which are always concentrating on the needs of the body and needs of their children only are no more different from the animals. The basic needs are not covered here because just for the basic needs there is no need of concentration through out the life. We find people who are always engaged in constant work only even though the basic needs for future hundred generations are attained. After some time, the human being becomes work-holic (like alcoholic). In the beginning a little alcohol is taken as a medicine for appetite. Alcohol is used in several medicines in little quantity. But in course of time, he becomes alcoholic and goes on drinking alcohol in unlimited quantities.

Similarly, one starts the work for the sake of basic needs of the body and the needs of his family. But in course of time, even if he has earned the basic needs for his future hundred generations, the fellow is not pacified and continues to work and work till the last day of death. Such work-holic fellow starts preaching that work is worship. Such human beings are basically the citizens of the kingdom of animals. Even the animals do not work if their stomach is filled.

But this human being earning without end is worse than the animals and therefore even their citizenship in the kingdom of animals gets cancelled! Even the tiger kills the deer when the tiger is hungry. But our fellow kills the poor innocent devotees also through endless corruption even though he has earned for his future thousand generations! Therefore the association of cruel animals also expelled the human being from their association!! He goes on with endless corruption for the sake of endless comforts of his endless future generations! Such souls are going to be thrown into the births of animals and birds and in their case God is not angry at all. God is the father who fulfills the desires of the children. When such human beings do not bend towards spiritual path in spite of repeated preaching, the divine father finally yields Himself to the rigid desire of the children who want only materialistic things permanently and hence they are given births of animals which are always involved in materialistic world only till the death. By taking birth in the kingdom of animals the human soul will at least learn to limit its endless ambition as said above. Therefore, God is trying to uplift the soul even by throwing it in to animals and there is no revenge here also. To reduce the intensity of the ambition the soul is subjected to torture in the hell and here also God is for the upliftment of the soul only.

Hence, the divine father is always working for the betterment of the soul only and there is no place of revenge on His children in His heart. Such souls are condemned forever by revolving in the cycle of hell and animals through constant training, which never ends, and they are responsible for their fate. A permanently mentally derailed son has to be kept in the mental hospital only forever and cannot be brought back to the house (Human kingdom). There are certain good and learned souls, which are interested in the spiritual path to gain the grace of the God. But the spiritual path is in confusion since several human beings interpret the scripture of God in different ways. Only God has to give the correct version of His own scripture.

For this purpose only God comes in human form called as Satguru to give correct guidance in the spiritual path.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace