Importance of God in Human Form

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Importance of God in Human Form

O Learned And Devoted Servants of God,

The concept of contemporary human incarnation is the final goal of the entire spiritual knowledge and its effort (sadhana). Unless the jealousy towards the co-human form existing before the eyes based on self-ego is completely destroyed, this final goal cannot be achieved.

Unless the repulsion between the common external media (human bodies) is overcome, this final goal cannot be achieved. The most difficult digestible concept for any human being is to believe a human being existing before eyes as God. The only way to make the human being believe the existing alive human form as God is to speak that every human being is God. This concept is very near to the final goal and only one twist is to be removed in due course and that is to concentrate the concept from infinite dilution of all human beings to a particular human being. Shankara has introduced this near most concept so that one can remove this twist in due course by purifying the mind from ego and jealousy (chitta suddhi). He stated that unless the mind is purified, it is not eligible for the knowledge of Brahman (Jnana yoga).

On attaining purity of the mind, the twist will disappear by itself. Till then, the knowledge with this single twist is the best. Atleast in this twisted knowledge, the alive human form exists as God. This twisted knowledge is far far better than the inert photos and statues representing the irrelevant energetic forms of the upper worlds or non-existent past human incarnations. Shankara is the greatest genius-preacher in this entire creation. He knows all the angles of the entire human psychology and introduced the best possible knowledge, which is very near to the best true knowledge. By keeping the alive human form as God, the lamp of the concept of contemporary human incarnation is kept burning throughout every human generation so that the life of the concept i.e., the present alive form is kept alive constantly. This concept is near most to the ultimate truth like Vasishta star seen near most the unseen Arundhati star.

This concept is multi-dimensional and serves the purpose even satisfying the ego of atheist and drag him to the spiritual field through the initial attraction.
The very concept of human incarnation is not a total new concept introduced by Me. It already exists and is the most stressed concept through Ramayanam, Bharatam and Bhagavatham, which are the three greatest sacred spiritual epics. But, these three epics today are the concepts of the past human incarnations only. The next alternative is only to worship the statues and photos of energetic forms of upper worlds and the other epics like Shiva Puranam, Vishnu Puranam etc. relate to such alternative state. The statues and photos of the upper energetic forms or past incarnations are presented in human form only.

These statues in temples are always established with the initiation of life (Prana Pratishtha). The idea behind this is not to introduce life in to the statues because the life cannot be and is not introduced in the statues. In such case, what is the use of this important ritual? The significance is only that the inert statue associated with life must be worshipped, which is nothing but the alive human form. The inert statue represents the inert human body and the initiation of life represents the life in the human body. People are unable to understand this message and are fooled by the priests, who say that the life is introduced in to that statue through the initiation. The priest has his own plan of financial management in such interpretation. If the priest conveys the real meaning of the message, you will leave the temple and search for the human incarnation to do the service.

The revenue to the temple is lost and his maintenance is also lost. The priest is also not interested in deleting this ritual because the extra revenue related to this ritual should not also be lost. Everybody interprets the spiritual knowledge in view of his own selfishness and nobody is interested in the absolute truth, which alone can uplift the humanity. If you stick to the absolute truth in the spiritual knowledge, God will be extensively pleased and will give you million times of that revenue. You will not believe this also because you do not have full faith in God.
The real Nivrutti (complete detachment from the entire world) comes only when you are attached to the creator existing in the human form in your generation.

The attachment to the soul is not at all Nivrutti because the self is a created item within the world only and not the creator and not even charged by the creator as in the human incarnation. Thus the Advaitins are in Pravrutti only by the self-attainment and simultaneous detachment from the rest part of the world has no meaning. The other devotees of energetic forms on this earth are in the Nivrutti, no doubt, but cannot attain the highest fruit due to their jealousy and egoism resulting in the repulsion between common media.
One way is to attain peace by the self-attainment and then start the devotion towards the Lord. The mental peace achieved by self-analysis is the intermediate station, where the traveler has to catch another train of devotion to God. Detachment from the world is a pre-requisite for the divine devotion. No doubt, the detachment from the world is certainly achieved by self-attainment (Atma Yoga) but it is not permanent due to absence of the grace of God.

Suppose, one starts the devotion to God without this Atma Yoga, what will happen? Detachment from X can be achieved even by attaching to Y. It is very common that by involving in some matter deeply, we forget everything else. Hence, if one is deeply attached to God, he can get the detachment from the total world without self-attainment. In the self-attainment also, the detachment from the world is only due to deep attachment to self. Similarly, one can attach himself or herself to God deeply and attain the same result. The self can be replaced by God. Moreover, the additional advantage in the attachment of God is that the total time of the life is involved only in the attachment to God only. In the first path of self-attainment and then devotion to God, half the time is wasted in self-attainment. The direct attachment to God from the beginning is like traveling by the direct train, which does not stop in the intermediate station. In this path of direct devotion to God also, the peace is attained as the intermediate station.

It is the responsibility of the authorities of Railway to attach your compartment to the other train. This will be very safe like the Marjala Kishora Nyaya, where the mother-cat catches the child and carries on it to the goal. The first path of self-attainment and then devotion to God is like Markata Kishora Nyaya, where the child has to catch the mother-monkey during the journey.