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Brahman is the highest of all. Aum is his name. Aum is also your real
name. It covers the threefold experiences of man. From Aum this sense
world has been projected. The world exists in Aum and dissolves in Aum.

Aum is the greatest of all mantras (mystic formula). Aum bestows
direct liberation. All mantras begin with Aum. Aum is the life, the
soul, of all mantras. Every Upanishad begins with Aum. Oblations that
are offered to the various gods are all preceded by Aum.

All languages, all sounds, come out of Aum. The essence of the four
vedas is Aum. A-U-M covers the whole range of sound vibrations. A
starts from the root of the tongue, U proceeds from the middle and M
comes from the end, by closing the lips.

Aum is the source of all religions and scriptures. This sacred
monosyllable is the means of liberation from the bonds of matter. It
leads one, stage by stage, to the highest bliss. It is fit for the
lowest as well as for the highest and most advanced intellect. It is
fit for the brahmachari (celibate-student) as well as the sanyasin
(monk). It is fit for any condition.

Aum is your birthright. It is the common heritage of all. It is the
word of power. It fills the devotee with spiritual strength, vigour
and energy when chanted with harmony and rhythm.
It brings inspiration and intuition.

It elevates the mind. It is a spiritual food and tonic. It is full
of divine potency. Live in Aum. Meditate on Aum. Inhale Aum. Exhale Aum.
Rest peacefully in Aum. Take shelter in Aum. May that Aum guide you.