Immortality and the Meaning of Life

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“What is the meaning of life” many have wondered.
The goals, dreams and aspirations that many have pondered.

But behind it all lies the “I Am” who sees.
Watching Me oh so busy with all my responsibilities.

In a circus of madmen is there meaning to it all.
If it’s all just happenstance there is no choice but to fall.

Is God really schizophrenic, or is it just the world that’s insane.
His Goodness would imply He has provided escape from the pain.

There is a Self beyond form more real than the self you can see.
Beyond limit, confinement, or conception not subject to relativity.

This “Self” is your homecoming where God is Alive.
Your freedom to be and do more than just to survive.

Our Celestial Home is calling us to be One with Infinity.
What are you waiting for, why hold on, don’t you really want to be free?

Unshakable Peace, Unspeakable Joy, NOW we got this show on the road.
Trust in the Blood of Jesus, Flow with NOW’S Go and don’t sweat the load.

What is the meaning of life still you question and ask.
Surely it must boil down to some kind of a task.

There must be something we can do and compel all men to do the same.
Surely the Meaning of Life can’t be just too big for a name.

If it’s proof you are seeking when asking, “is God really real”.
You must look to your experience and “really” learn how to feel.

God can be seen and felt, both inside and outside of form.
But these are experiences that can only take place outside of the norm.

You can be just like everyone else lost and confused.
Never knowing only guessing beat down broken and abused.

Or you can walk your own path to God in that thing they call NOW.
Don’t worry about what they have to say just let Him (Her) show you how.

Immortality is the Free Gift of God, giving LIFE all its meaning.
Ignorance is the mortal persuasion of a self, condemned and demeaning.

Between these two lies the choice of who you think you want to be.
Love or fear, stability or chaos, truth or illusion, enslaved or free.

So what is the meaning of life need we really go on.
Your conformity to the Status Quo keeps you in a state of High Treason.

You can never know meaning so long as self is just a thing.
Self without limit is the treasure of finding what freedom can bring.

Slap a label on that; call it blah blah and live life to the hilt.
Look around with non-judgment and behold the life you have built.

Feel deep in your heart of hearts and know just what to do.
Boldly live the adventure and find God before you are through.

If you want meaning for your existence you had better learn how to see.
That like it or not you are already standing in the midst of eternity.

The Infinite stands ready to pour its Life into and through you.
But you cling so dearly to limitation that there’s nothing more it can do.

So let go, be free, find the truth of these words that we say.
Awaken to New Life even Now while it is still called today.

Transcend opposition with “Self ” that cannot be denied.
Then when God comes calling you won’t even, feel the need to hide!

Beyond opposition is a sweet and most wonderful place to be!
Having no opposite by which to compare, welcome to the I that is We.

Perpetual communion with the Spirit of the Living God all the daylong.
Freedom in Christ and the Joy of the Lord, this will keep us strong!

Come boldly to the throne of your experience knowing that you created it.
When religion starts bragging about their sin, tell them you don’t need that shit.

Ask God what He thinks, He lives right inside of You, don’t you know.
At that Holy Still Point where Self is all Self with more Self than can show.

Immortality is the Meaning of Life, we can accept it or we can just deal with it.
We can enter into our inheritance or we can sink down into denial’s pit.

God is so much more real, than any of your possible ideas of Her.
It’s no wonder your insignificant life in time passes with such a blur.

We’re all clueless mortals you insist, as you march along in step with the herd.
Everyone is required to die, we ain’t never even heard of God’s Word.

Every perception witnessing to sin, Status Quo says more than body is all bunk.
My identity is my weapon, much to comfortable being just another mortal punk.

Where is the Celestial Kingdom, the Royal Brotherhood of all mankind?
Why can’t we just wake up from this dream, must we always be blind?

Where’s the Tree of Life we were promised because I’m hungry now.
Is the Second Coming still waiting for us to get perfect somehow?

Peek-a-boo Jesus, Ah Ha! There you are in the form of my Bro.
“Out There” and “In Here” are no longer separate in what I know.

My Great Almighty Oneness in You I NOW dare to receive.
Card Carrying Member of God’s Immortal Union, in this I believe.

The Final Punch Line on this subject, should come as no surprise...
There is no Meaning of Life for Mortals, Christian or otherwise!!!