Immortal Football Game!

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Immortal game of football
Here Nath Yogi narrates to all.
Who understand his call
For them there is no fall.
To play this one needs no money
Nor does one require things any.
Vishaya is the ball
Maya kicks towards all
And wants to make a goal
To win over the soul
She plays sans a foul.
The ego is the goal keeper
And the mind is the captain.
The remaining players are nine
Who kick the ball very fine
As they are free of ‘my and mine’.
If the ball is missed by the nine,
The captain defends it before the line
And goal keeper holds it on the goal line.
Mercy and righteousness are the sidelines.
Character and contentment are the goal lines.
By scriptures defined is the centre line.
Unselfishness is the name of my court.
Selfishness is the name of maya’s court.
Maya fails to post a goal
For he plays without a foul
As the ego is under the soul.
The loss to maya is ever certain
As the captain likes wisdom to restrain.
Truth is the umpire,
He plays sans a desire.
The world is the playground.
Him, peace and bliss surely surround,
Who hits the goal, defended by maya, of devotion
While defending his goal post of renunciation.
His coach is the Guru true
Who sees him ever through.
He plays the game for all the time
Of course in the day and at night.
Beholding self-illuminating light
He ever plays with delight.
The innumerable Perfect Beings are the spectators
Who are eager to cheer at and welcome the victors.
Whoever wants to reach Heaven
This game should be played for 24X7.
Nath Yogi’s football game thus I brief
By winning which you will have no grief
You can pass from mortality to immortality.

Vishya = Object of the senses
Perfect Beings = Siddhas = Accomplished Beings

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***

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